WATCH: NFL Announcers Have Cringeworthy Moment After HaHa Clinton-Dix Interception

by Jonathan Howard

There are many times when sports announcers make puns and jokes relating to a player’s name. The NFL’s HaHa Clinton-Dix is a broadcaster’s dream. There is so much to do with Clinton-Dix’s first name. However, that doesn’t mean that the puns are good. But, being corny isn’t a mortal sin, just a minor one.

While the San Francisco 49ers were playing the Las Vegas Raiders in a preseason matchup, Clinton-Dix snagged an interception. The former Alabama football player has shown some promise in his career and is fighting for a roster spot. With the 49ers’ broadcast crew enjoying his time on the field, maybe they will have more reasons to make jokes like in the video below.

Just absolutely rough commentary. But, it could have been worse. I think… While fans likely cringed collectively across the country, who wouldn’t take the time to make the same kind of joke? Given the opportunity, most of us wouldn’t be able to resist the urge either. As HaHa Clinton-Dix made the interception at the 47-yard line, the announcers started with the “HAHAs” and a bad Woody Woodpecker impression. While I’m sure there have been worse jokes made about a player’s name, I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

By the time it was all said and done, the 49ers blew out the Raiders, 34-10. Just not a great showing from the preseason squad from Las Vegas. If that is any indication of what to expect in the NFL regular season, it isn’t going to be a great year for the Raiders.

NFL Regular Season Right Around the Corner

This week will wrap up the preseason for the NFL. While not many people are that invested in the preseason, it is a good chance to see new and young players get good minutes and also see starters knock off the offseason rust. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t quality football being played. In fact, there has been lots of good play so far in the preseason.

With that said, the time has almost come for the real stuff to start. Things will kick off on Thursday, September 9th. The game will be played between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coming off their Super Bowl win, against the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady, the Cowboys, what could be a better start to a new year of football? Then on Sunday the 12th, games are popping off all across the country.

For the opening Sunday of the NFL season, there are some games that interest me more than the others. The Pittsburgh Steelers against the Buffalo Bills should be quite a matchup. Josh Allen is looking to double-down on the success he had last season and prove he is in fact a franchise quarterback. Another game that could produce fireworks, the Cleveland Browns against the Kansas City Chiefs. This doesn’t seem like a close matchup, but Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes know how to put on a show.