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WATCH: NFL Fan Perfectly Recreates Tom Brady and Other NFL QB Hardcounts

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Every NFL Quarterback has a distinct style and individuality in their play. Each has certain nuances or “isms” to how they do their job.

For instance, some like Lamar Jackson or Russell Wilson have a dual-threat aspect that defines their game. Some like Tom Brady and Drew Brees like to pick apart defenses from the pocket. Even others, like Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers, can destroy teams with their deep ball.

Another specific and unique flare that each NFL quarterback brings to the table is how they do their hard counts. One NFL fan has mastered a number of the league’s top snap calls.

If you played a video side by side of each of these quarterbacks and this fan’s imitation, you couldn’t tell the difference. Well, except for the fact that this kid has on sweatpants. And perhaps it’s safe to say most of those quarterbacks have a couple of inches and a couple of pounds on him.

The Distinctions Between Each Snap Count of NFL QB’s

Let’s dive in and dissect each of these stellar acting performances. First, we have Cam Newton: the hands rubbing together, the loud long word followed by the signal to the receiver to motion, everything is spot on. Even the timing of the cadence lines up well with what we typically see from the Patriots’ play-caller.

Where Cam Newton stays fairly vertical in his snap count, Drew Brees really likes to get low. With a hard step forward, he flashes his hands with a hard call to try and draw the defense offsides. Brees almost always follows that with an uncomfortable, probably ill-advised amount of finger-licking.

Tom Brady’s signature pre-snap mannerism is the two fingers pointing to the helmet. The intense champion quarterback also likes to make sure he gets his point across. Sometimes that means yelling a little louder and pointing out the blitz. Brady is known for his passion and intensity, which often comes out before the ball is even snapped.

Aaron Rodgers has one of the best track records in the NFL for drawing free plays with his startling hard count. Strangely, every time he gives a hard count, his head seems to tilt to the left ever so slightly.

Patrick Mahomes puts less emphasis on the count itself and more on making the adjustments. He looks like the most comfortable and casual behind the center. He reflects this casualness and comfortability in his playing style, making even impossible throws look easy.

Then you have Matt Ryan, who for whatever reason throws his hands all the way up in front of his helmet to call for the ball. It’s hard to say what advantage that really gives him, but he won the NFL MVP back in 2016, so perhaps he knows something.

Omaha! Omaha!

Peyton Manning also has a very distinct pre-snap tendency. “Omaha,” his signature call, has made it into a few Nationwide commercials even. He stands very squarely to the line of scrimmage and has a rounded off, exaggerated leg kick to call for the ball.

Finally, we have Phillip Rivers, one of the NFL’s best (and cleanest) trash talkers. His hard count looks more like a frantic, spazzed out yelling match. This also resembles his short-armed throwing motion, but hey, whatever works.

It’s interesting to see how these quarterbacks’ snap count mannerisms reflect their style of play. From the cool and collected to the frantic and intense. Whatever their style, these are the NFL’s top players, and a lot of their magic happens before the ball even gets snapped.