WATCH: NFL Fans Lose it at Chicago Bears Lineman’s Hilarious Flop

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

Did we see a little bit of the NBA in tonight’s NFL Thursday Night Football game? A Chicago Bears lineman gave a flop for the ages. It isn’t often that you see things like this in football. Soccer, sure. Basketball, all the time. The flop that Sam Mustipher gave was rare.

If you are going to start things on the field, get ready to sell a move. A Washington player shoved Mustipher and No. 67 did the rest to try and get that flag. Like an old spaghetti western, he fell hard and dramatically.

Of course, this has sent NFL fans into a frenzy. Let the memes begin! A flop like this is going to live on for a long time. Think about the gif potential!

Fans Crack Up Over Bears Flop

NFL fans were watching this slow and painful edition of Thursday Night Football and didn’t know that they were about to get a scene from WWE SmackDown! Mustipher saw his chance to sell this move like the Rock selling a stunner and he took it.

Just to make sure, there isn’t an award for the best flop, right? Maybe we should talk to the ESPYs about getting that category added. Although it wouldn’t be fair this season. Clearly, this was the FOY (Flop of the Year). If the Bears don’t win this game, they will at least have this moment.

Look, Lonzo Ball has been out with injury, maybe he stopped by the Chicago Bears facility and gave a special course. Flopping in the NBA is part of the game. Selling the charge or block is what it is all about. If anyone knows how to sell a hit, it’s an NBA player.

This was clearly coached from outside of the Bears organization. This fan can tell.

Thursday Night Football used to mean something. It used to be fun and exciting. Now we’re talking about a flop from a lineman in between plays. Are we going to ever see good primetime football again this season? Between last week and this week, things aren’t looking good.