WATCH: Nick Saban Dropping Epic F-Bomb on Refs Hits Twitter

by Suzanne Halliburton
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Nick Saban, the legendary coach, is every college football fan, save for the ones who don’t cuss, in this video that’s quickly going viral.

Cameras, trained on the Alabama sideline Saturday afternoon, captured this moment known forever more as Nick Saban losing it over the referees. A pass interference call triggered this moment of honesty from the Crimson Tide head coach.

A journalist who covers college football shared the clip, captioning it “Saban telling the refs what Bama fans have wanted to say all year.” In an interesting twist, most college football fans outside of Alabama think Saban pulls all the strings on those yellow flags. Go figure.

If you have even minimal talent at reading lips, you can clearly tell that Nick Saban yelled a word that rhymes with luck along with “you guys.” And then he gave them a dismissive wave.

Nick Saban certainly was venting with mere seconds to go in Bama’s game against Mississippi State. The Tide won the game, 30-6. But here’s what stuck in the coach’s craw. Up until the last play of the game, the Bama defense was throwing a shut out (excuse the baseball metaphor in a story about football).

But the refs gave the Bulldogs new life when they flagged the Alabama defense for pass interference. Mississippi State scored two plays later to prevent the goose egg going final. You could say that touchdown was a point of pride for both Nick Saban and Mississippi State’s Mike Leach. This was the third SEC game between Saban and Leach. It also was the first touchdown scored by the Bulldogs in those 12 quarters. Overall, Bama has out scored Mississippi State, 120-15.

Plus, Saban wanted to see his defense bounce back from last Saturday’s 52-49 loss to Tennessee at Neyland Stadium. But the Tide did a terrific job against Mississippi State quarterback Will Rogers, the top passer in the SEC. The Tide D totaled 15 pass breakups and sacked Rogers four times. 

“It wasn’t always perfect execution. But to me, that’s a start,” Nick Saban told reporters in his post-game press conference. ”It’s kind of time to answer the bell and now the challenge is we need to build on that.”

The always colorful Leach had a different response.

‘I’ll tell you one thing that they do that gives us trouble,” Leach told reporters. “We’ve got some guys that are afraid of the jersey that says Alabama on it. We spend a lot of time frightened of their jerseys.

”You want to scare some of the guys on our team, put an Alabama jersey on. It’ll scare the hell out of them.”

For the officials, seeing that angry face of Nice Saban on a viral loop also might give them nightmares.