WATCH: Oakland A’s Fan Becomes a Baseball Icon By Catching Foul Ball with Fanny Pack

by Quentin Blount

Just when you thought you have seen it all in the sport of baseball, an Oakland A’s fan reminded us on Thursday that anything can happen out in the stands.

That’s right baseball fans, don’t worry about it if you left your glove back at home. If you have a fanny pack on hand, that will do just fine. A fan who was in attendance at the Chicago White Sox and Oakland A’s game on Thursday proved exactly that. After Josh Harrison of the A’s smashed a foul ball up into the second deck, the fan was waiting patiently to make the catch.

It looks like he actually tried to make the catch with just his bare hands. And even though he may have missed the initial grab, he was still able to come away with the catch thanks to his trusty fanny pack! The Cut4 official Twitter account posted a clip showing the moment it all happened.

“If you were on the fence about getting a fanny pack, here’s your sign,” they wrote alongside the incredible video.

Baseball fans, like the rest of us who have seen the video, definitely got a kick out of it. The video paved the way for various jokes about fanny packs in the comments section.

“As someone who’s been rocking a fanny pack since 2012, I support this message,” one baseball fan wrote.

“Equip all fielders with a fanny pack!” another fan joked.

However, it wasn’t all fun and games. Evidently one fan thinks that men shouldn’t wear fanny packs, even if they do serve as a great way to catch a baseball.

“That guy should turn in his man card,” the user said.

Oakland A’s Fan Continues Fanny Pack Trend at Sporting Events

Now, the debate over whether or not fanny packs are back in style is still up in the air. But after Thursday’s game between the White Sox and the Oakland A’s, it’s safe to say that the usefulness of a fanny pack is still as prevalent as ever.

The fan in this situation is just the latest to hop on the trend of wearing fanny packs to sporting events. And to be fair, it does seem like a great choice for the occasion, mainly because of how easy it is to carry around. Just put on your favorite outfit, tie your fanny pack around your waist, and you are good to go.

Another great thing about fanny packs is that they take away the need to carry an additional bag. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about your bag as you get up from your seat to cheer on your favorite team. Not only that, but a fanny pack is big enough to fit in all the essentials for a sporting event such as a baseball game. Throw in your phone, hand sanitizer, keys, cash, sunscreen, sunglasses, and you’re all set.