WATCH: OJ Simpson Speaks Out From SoFi Stadium Ahead of Rams vs. Bills

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like OJ Simpson is watching the Thursday Night Football NFL season opener from SoFi Stadium and he has a message for fans. The controversial former NFL player has made headlines in the past with his Twitter videos. He’s been seen at home, at the golf course, and now he’s in-person at the game watching his former team, the Buffalo Bills taking on the Los Angeles Rams.

OJ Simpson Takes in the Pregame Festivities

The video shows OJ Simpson enjoying the sights in the pregame. He has some custom sneakers and a facemask on with his No. 32 on them. People are bustling all around him as he delivers his message to the camera. Someone even talked about Alabama football in a separate conversation in the background…football season is in full swing.

“It’s me, The Juice,” he says laughing in the video. “What an opening game we have. Bills versus the Rams, oh my god. [Ineligble] against my Buffalo Bills. You know who I’m cheering for. It should be a great game, but what a treat for football fans all around America. Go Bills! That’s all I’m saying. Bills Mafia! God Bless, take care, enjoy the game.”

If you look through the replies to the tweet, there are a number of people cracking jokes as you would expect. There is also a lot of general support for the former player. Everyone is excited for the NFL season to start, even The Juice, OJ Simpson!

Rams vs. Bills

The 2022 Super Bowl champs start their bid for another title tonight as OJ Simpson watches. They will have to compete against a tough Bills team that is looking to get to the Super Bowl and make up for past playoff shortcomings. In the grand scheme of things, this game might not matter all that much. However, it will give one team a chance to start the season strong and that can go a long way.

As the year gets started, the Rams could look back on this game as one of many major steps along the way to another Super Bowl. Or, it could be a bad omen for what is to come. Let’s watch some football and get this NFL season started!

OJ Simpson is cheering for the Bills tonight, who are you cheering for, Outsiders?