WATCH: Only Oklahoma State Fans Would Put Up With This Cowboy in the Stands

by Jonathan Howard

College football fans are unlike any other. That was apparent with one Oklahoma State Cowboy who took things literally. Equipped with a lasso and the proper attire, this fan can only be found in Stillwater.

It isn’t every day you see a real cowboy at a cowboy game, but that was the case when the Baylor Bears came to town. OK State is a top-15 program and has been playing some great football lately. That continued against the Bears. With great fans in the crowd like this, it’s no wonder.

While this looks fun and all, I do have to wonder what the others are thinking. Is he doing this the whole game? That lasso takes up a lot of space when he throws it around like that. So, it has to be a mutual thing right? It seems like everyone is enjoying the entertainment.

Then again, when your team is looking like a conference contender, it is no wonder why fans are in good spirits. When the team is winning, there isn’t much that can get you down in the dumps. Seeing a kid from the rodeo team spin his rope around isn’t the worst thing to happen at a game.

When it comes to the conference, it looks like the state of Oklahoma is going to dominate. Both the Cowboys and the Sooners have made themselves the clear favorites of the league. Texas was embarrassed by Arkansas, Texas Tech embarrassed in turn by the Longhorns, and the rest of the conference just doesn’t look up to the challenge.

Oklahoma State Making Run for Big 12 Title

If the Cowboys are able to make it through Texas on October 16th, they are likely looking at an 11 win season. While anything can happen, they have shown that they are what everyone thought they were in the preseason. While Oklahoma is the favorite to win the conference again, nothing is guaranteed.

They have a bye week coming up and it comes at a great time. The middle of the season is a time to reset and think about the second part of the season. With the Sooners and Cowboys meeting in their usual end-of-the-season game, there is a lot of football before they face off.

However, as it stands now, both teams should be favored in each of their games moving forward. The hardest game on the Oklahoma State schedule before November 27th looks like the away game at Texas. If they make it through that game with a 6-0 record, fans should be ready for a special season.

After that, they have to play games at Iowa State, at West Virginia, and at Texas Tech. None of those games are promised wins. Each is going to be a hostile environment and with a high ranking, the Cowboys will be a prime target.