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WATCH: Ole Miss QB Fakes Out Entire LSU Defense, Trucks Referee for Touchdown

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Check out this play. Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral faked out everyone. Even the referee didn’t know to get out of his way until it was too late.

Ole Miss is playing LSU Saturday. There’s nothing on the line for either team, but pride.

The LSU defense won’t be proud of how the Tigers reacted to this play.

First, check the video, then we’ll discuss.

Ole Miss Lined Up In Power Formation

Ole Miss lined up as if the offense was going straight power. Corral was under center. There were two fullbacks behind him, looking like tight up backs in a punt formation. The tailback lined up behind the fullbacks. It looked almost like a lopsided wishbone, but the quarterback wasn’t going to hand off to a fullback for a belly play.

Corral faked the handoff to the tailback, then darted to his left. The closest person to him was the ref in the end zone. Corral hit him so hard that the official fell on his back.

What probably smarts even more for the LSU defense? The Tigers wouldn’t have stopped the touchdown if the tailback carried the ball.

Corral is the playing equivalent of chaos.

ESPN Stats & Info reported that Corral is the fifth quarterback in the last 25 years to be a part of four touchdowns and throw five or more interceptions. The last quarterback who did so was Northwestern’s Mike Kafka in the 2010 Outback Bowl.

Corral’s fake was his first rushing touchdown of the game. All those theatrics and the play counted as a two-yard run.

Corral’s score pushed Ole Miss ahead of LSU, 48-40 midway through the third quarter.

But LSU rallied to win 53,-48.

Truthfully, both defenses were more like speed bumps, managing only to temporarily show the opposing offenses down.

LSU amassed 593 total yards; Mississippi 558.

Bless his heart, Corral probably was exhausted after the game. He threw for 251 yards, with three touchdowns and all those picks. He rushed for 158 with the one very impressive touchdown.

No word on whether the official made the injury list.