WATCH: Olympic Rower Gets an Adorable Welcome Home From Her Three Kids

by Amy Myers

What’s even better than becoming a three-time Olympic rower? Coming home to three beautiful kids that are thrilled to see their mom. You can bet this is true for Great Britain’s Helen Glover, whose kids gave her the sweetest welcome when they saw her at the airport. Glover previously took a four-year hiatus from the Olympics to raise her family and watch her children grow. Now back from her first Games since the break, the 35-year-old “mum” is understandably overcome with emotion.

Since Glover began prepping for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she hasn’t been afraid to show Instagram followers the delicate balance her life requires between family and work. In the past, she’s shared tons of photos of her supportive family and victorious moments in her rowing career. Naturally, the Olympic rower just had to share the adorable moment when her kids see that mommy’s home.

Even with a mask on, you can tell from Glover’s expression that there is no feeling in the world that’s better than a running-start hug from your kids. As the Olympic rower pushed her cart full of luggage, a tottering little Willow comes to greet her mummy. The bright, blond one-year-old flings her arms wide open and throws herself into Glover’s arms. Next to join the embrace is big brother Logan (4) and then Willow’s twin brother, Kit. The twins giggle as they squeeze their mum close. “This feeling #runningcuddles #homesweethome,” the Olympic rower wrote in the caption.

Olympic Rower Is Proud of Her Fourth Place Finish in 2020 Tokyo Olympics

While winning gold will always be the goal for Olympic athletes, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be proud of their performance even if they don’t receive a medal. At least, that’s the mentality for Helen Glover. Previously, in the 2012 London games, the Olympic rower won the first-ever gold medal for Great Britain’s rowing with her partner, Heather Stanning. Then in 2016 in Rio, the duo won first place again. Considering the country only picked up the sport in 2008, this was an incredibly impressive record for the Olympic rowers.

However, once Stanning decided it was time to retire, Glover, too, took the chance to focus on family life away from the Games. In just four years, she gave birth to her three beautiful kids and took pride in raising them. Now back in the saddle (or rather bow seat), Glover expressed over Instagram on several occasions that she was just happy to be a part of the games.

Alongside her new partner, Polly Swann, the duo placed fourth in this year’s women’s coxless pairs rowing. And though a third gold medal would have been nice, Glover already has three greatest accomplishments at home.