WATCH: Olympic Skateboarder Takes Painful Hit to the Groin After Grind Attempt Goes Wrong

by Madison Miller

People all around the world watched as skateboarders were given the opportunity to compete in the Olympic games for the first time ever. Several triumphed with outrageous street tricks and rad big air, but others saw the smallest wrong move could cause TV viewers to collectively groan on their behalf.

During this first skateboarding event in Olympic history, a Peruvian skateboarder named Angelo Cara Narvaez suffered a pretty brutal mishap. He took part in the men’s street competition, starting his first run with an attempt at a rail grind.

Unfortunately, he ended up landing groin first on the bar. As skateboarders like to call it, he “nutshot” himself in front of millions of people during his first Olympic run.

After the gnarly fall, Caro took a moment to compose himself. By the looks of the fall, he definitely needed that moment. In the meantime, judges hashed out a low score of 1.01 for his street run.

Luckily for Caro, skateboarding at the Olympics isn’t a one-and-done event like several other sports. Instead, he had a second attempt at a run as well as a run of five individual tricks to showcase. He brought in the lowest score during that very first run.

However, his second run had a 6.96 score and his tricks were considered very strong by the judges. All of this combined led him to qualify for the finals. He ended up finishing fifth with a score of 32.87.

Despite the painful and global shot to the groin, Caro finished strong.

As for the first Olympic medals in skateboarding history, the gold went to Yuto Horigome from Japan. He completed a tremendous run of tricks that he flaunted during the trick category. This made him the first Olympic gold athlete in the sport. The silver medal went to Kelvin Hoefler from Brazil. Lastly, Team USA also came out on the podium with a bronze medal in the event, thanks to Jagger Eaton.

Skateboarding as an Olympic Sport

During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, there are four new sports being introduced for competition. That includes skateboarding, karate, surfing, and sport climbing.

There’s a lot to look out for when it comes to this year’s skateboarding coverage. U.S. skater Nyjah Huston, who competes in men’s street, is considered one of the best-known skaters. Sky Brown, a 13-year-old from Britain, has made quite the impact prior to her Olympic spotlight. She is a girl-power advocate and has a strong social media presence.

Skateboarding ranges from 12-year-old to skaters in their late 40s.

The popular sport has often been regarded as an underground or trendy activity over the years. Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has expressed just how thrilled he is that the sport is finally getting the coverage it deserves.

“I think it’s exciting. I think it’s a testament to all of the skaters’ perseverance through the years and how it has become validated in the eyes of kids and mainstream media. To see it added to an institution like the Olympics, it shows that we’re here to stay. We have been for a long time, but there were some growing pains along the way,” Tony Hawk said to CBS Sports.

Hawk even thinks it will be a “highlight of the Games” this year.