WATCH: Olympic Track Athletes Decide to Share Gold Medal after Event Ends in a Tie

by Joe Rutland

Never let it be said that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics didn’t have a moment of sportsmanship when two Olympic track athletes decided to share gold.

In the men’s high jump, Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi and Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim ended in a tie. They finished their competitions at the same level. Usually, this calls for a jump-off to break the deadlock. These two Olympic Track athletes, though, decided to do things a little differently.

Take a look at both Olympic Track athletes’ decisions and reactions in this video from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

That’s right. Both Olympic Track athletes received gold medals for their efforts in the men’s high jump. It truly will be one of the memorable moments from the Summer Games. It might be even talked about for years to come. Instead of going one more round to see who would individually win, Barshim and Tamberi pretty much said, “We’re good.”

This is even after the Olympic judge, as you can see in the video, explained what would come next after both finished tied.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been unique for different reasons. Seeing these two Olympic Track athletes, though, decide to be co-gold medalists is one for the books.

Some Outsiders may not understand why there was no jump-off to break the tie. Others, though, may be able to look at the situation differently. Both men are winners. Viewers and Olympic Track fans also are winners, too.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Turned Out To Be Silver for MyKayla Skinner

Beyond the Olympic Track competition, Team USA gymnast MyKayla Skinner was all smiles after she captured a silver medal in the women’s vault competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“There have been so many times I’ve wanted to quit the last 2 years and throughout my entire gymnastics career,” Skinner wrote on her latest Instagram post.

“I’m grateful I never gave up and that so many of you never gave up on me,” Skinner wrote. She added that her unfinished business got done in Tokyo. Skinner will compete in the women’s balance beam and floor exercise events this week.

Skinner will retire after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

After getting off to a rough start in Tokyo, she shared more on Instagram.

“Heartbroken is an understatement, but I am proud of myself for getting here after everything I’ve been through,” MyKayla Skinner wrote. Skinner also wrote that she would have loved for her scores to count for the team. But she added that she did some of her best gymnastics work in Tokyo.

“The sport of gymnastics hasn’t been kind to over me over the years,” Skinner wrote. “But I’m grateful I could be an example to never give up and to chase your dreams no matter what.”