WATCH: Paige Spiranac Crushes ‘Happy Gilmore’ Swing in Little Black Dress

by Quentin Blount

At one point or another, we have all wondered whether or not the patented Happy Gilmore golf swing really works. And it turns out for Paige Spiranac, it most definitely does.

Paige Spiranac is an Instagram model, former professional golfer, and evidently a fan of the 1996 sports comedy film, Happy Gilmore. The blonde bombshell took to social media on Monday afternoon to post a video of her crushing a drive Adam Sandler style.

And like with everything else that Paige Spiranac does, she looked great doing it. The golfer turned social media influencer nailed the drive all while sporting a little black dress. Of course, Spiranac has shown off her ability on the links before, but being able to recreate the iconic Happy Gilmore swing was just a treat for her fans.

“With hockey playoffs starting I had to break out the Happy Gilmore swing!” Spiranac wrote alongside the video. “What’s your favorite sport to watch?”

She then signs off by encouraging her followers to check out her live stream later with Points Bet.

“Catch my live stream with @pointsbetusa tonight! Talking hockey,”

As you can see, Paige Spiranac is looking as incredible as ever and her golf game is on point. These are basically the two gold standards for Spiranac: look good, play good. And in doing so, the Instagram model has amassed more than three million followers on Instagram alone.

Meanwhile, her fans and followers took to the comments section on Monday to share their thoughts on her Happy Gilmore swing. One fan even goes as far as to say that they like Spiranac’s swing better.

“I like your swing over Happy’s 😂” they wrote.

Another fan didn’t seem to have as much faith in Spiranac’s running swing asking, “Did it go straight? 😂”

Paige Spiranac Criticizes NCAA

Paige Spiranac is not a fan of the NCAA. Last week, the collegiate organization announced that they were going to cancel the women’s golf regionals. Spiranac was clearly less than happy about it. Not only does she want the game to be more inclusive, but she also wants to see female competitors receiving the same treatment as their male counterparts.

“I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. The NCAA sucks,” the social media personality wrote on Twitter.

For those who didn’t know, Spiranac is a former collegiate athlete herself, having played golf at San Diego State University. After going on to turn pro, she eventually retired to focus on growing her social media brand. That turned out to be a pretty good call for her.