WATCH: Paige Spiranac Does Her Own Hot Dog Eating Contest in Patriotic Fourth of July Outfit

by Chris Haney

In honor of July 4th and the annual hot dog eating contest, former professional golfer Paige Spiranac participated in her own personal hot dog eating contest.

The pro golfer turned social media personality shot the amusing video with her sponsor PointsBet Sportsbook. The Independence Day hot dog challenge took its inspiration from Coney Island, New York’s famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. The contest has been a staple of Fourth of July celebrations in the Brooklyn neighborhood since the early ’70s. However, the hot dog contest itself dates back more than one hundred years to 1916.

Earlier today, champion Joey Chestnut broke his own world record with 76 hot dogs eaten. Additionally, it’s the 14th victory of his competitive hot dog eating career. While Paige Spiranac had no delusions of beating Chestnut’s record, she decided to test her eating skills nonetheless.

Spiranac was given 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs and their buns as possible. She had 12 on the table in front of her and two huge glasses of water to wash them down. The golfer even said she’s been researching different hot dog eating techniques to prepare for the challenge.

To start out, Spiranac used a technique of taking two hot dogs out of their bun and eating them together. Then she smushed the two buns together, dipped them in the water, and ate them. She quickly abandoned the two at a time technique though and ate one at a time from then on. At the end of the 10-minute round, Spiranac woofed down a respectable six hot dogs.

“Ugh, I do not feel good. I ate six hot dogs – five and a half, maybe. And um, yea, not enjoyable so much,” Paige Spiranac joked afterwards.

Paige Spiranac Shares Recent Story Of Being Harassed While Playing Golf

Paige Spiranac receives lots of attention on and off the golf course, but sometimes it isn’t always welcomed. About six weeks ago, she revealed an inappropriate name that was screamed at her during a practice round. A random golfer passing by her called her the disparaging name while she was simply working on her golf game.

The former pro golfer took the shouted comment in stride. Spiranac even joked about golf fans who yell “mashed potatoes!” when a golfer tees off. Although she brushed it off, the golfer didn’t excuse the behavior. In fact, she shared more details on why the behavior is unacceptable.

“Men will force themselves sexually on women without consent,” Spiranac replied to a user in the comments. “This is tame compared to all the harassment and assault women face all the time. Unfortunately, more women have stories like this and worse.”

Unfortunately, the incident is one of many where the golf community didn’t embrace her. She once opened up about a disheartening experience involving a charity that wouldn’t accept her help because of the way she dresses.

“I wanted to help this charity out, and I wanted to give them free golf clubs,” Spiranac said on her Playing A Round podcast. “The guy wrote back and said, ‘We would love to but, because of the way our board members view you, you can’t help out.’ I want to give back to these kids who don’t have anything, because I grew up not having anything, and I can’t even f–ing do that because of my cleavage. We bond over having a common interest and we all love the same thing … I don’t understand why it matters if you’re wearing a polo (shirt) and I’m not wearing a polo.”