WATCH: Paige Spiranac Sinks Putt, Gets Huge Reaction Out of Dog ‘Niko’

by Madison Miller

Dogs are Paige Spiranac’s best friend.

In fact, her dog Niko is her ultimate hype-dog.

Niko Reacts to Perfect Putt

In a recent Instagram video, the ex-professional golfer and social media personality, sinks a perfect putt. After she nails the putt, her dog Niko comes running around the corner to celebrate with her.

His tail wags aggressively as he rolls on his back looking for the same level of love and attention. It really just adds to the extensive proof that this world does not deserve dogs.

Paige Spiranac is using a Perfect Practice Golf mat that she has set up in her living room. She is a partner with the company and also has her own coupon code. The company sells indoor practice sets that allow golfers to practice their putt. When you sink a putt, it lines the ball back up on the side of the mat.

These mats are currently running for $169.99 on their site.

Paige Spiranac Responds to Fans

Paige Spiranac has proven again that she is more than willing to respond to fans, as well as haters.

One fan took note of the fact that her dog kicks the ball collector at the end of the video. This caused all the golf balls to spread out. The user notes that this is “classic dog behavior.”

She responds, “haha he’s like you’re done putting now give me love.”

In a less pleasant interaction, Spiranac also responds to a hate comment that calls attention to her appearance in the clip. The user judges her body and how she chooses to represent herself.

The user said, “That’s hilarious showing cleavage to yourself.” Spiranac clapped back by saying, “no I’m showing it to 2.9 million people.”

Spiranac Speaks About Justin Thomas

Recently, Paige Spiranac spoke out about the controversy over professional golfer, Justin Thomas. He was caught on a hot mic using a homophobic slur while playing at a Sentry Tournament of Champions in Kapalua, Hawaii.

The golfer apologized live to Golf Digest and said, “I screwed up. I have to be better … I deeply apologize to everybody and anybody who was offended.”

On Sunday, Spiranac shared her perspective on the situation.

“He should not be cancelled and I’m glad he apologized. But no one should ever defend the word he used,” she wrote on Twitter.

She made it clear his behavior was unacceptable. She called out people who were supporting him saying the slur.

“As a straight man you have no right to say it’s not offensive. No one is trying to cancel him but that word is offensive and should NEVER be used. End of discussion,” Spiranac posted.

H/T: New York Post