WATCH: Pat McAfee Show Member Reveals Clip of AJ Dillon Destroying High School Team Before Taking Hit

by Quentin Blount

We have finally seen the clip of the Pat McAfee Show‘s Boston Connor “tackling” Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon during a high school game.

Boston Connor has been telling McAfee and his other colleagues on the show that would listen to him that he once tackled the Green Bay running back when they played each other in high school. Connor repeatedly told his co-workers that he “met Dillon in the hole, lowered his shoulder, and drove him all the way out of bounds.”

After watching Dillon run for 124 yards and two touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday Night Football, McAfee left even more impressed that a member of his team once “met him in the hole and drove him to the sideline.”

However, a recently revealed video of the “tackle” tells a different story.

“We’ve heard some glory days stories from @BostonConnr about meeting #Packers running back @ajdillon7 “in the hole” in high school,” McAfee says on the show. “We finally got to watch the tape and it tells quite a different story #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE”

Brandon Connor Tells His Story on the Pat McAfee Show

The high school footage shows the Packers running back bouncing off of multiple would-be tacklers before Connor comes in at the end and hits Dillon out of bounds.

“That is meeting him in the hole and driving him out of bounds?” McAfee asks Connor.

Connor replies, “Look that was just first quarter, send a message, ‘look AJ, it’s gonna be tough today. You’re not just gonna run all over everybody.’ And we did send a message! It was a long day for ‘ol AJ Dillon.”

Everyone in the studio at the Pat McAfee Show could barely contain their laughter after seeing the video for themselves.

“You think you sent a message to him there?” McAfee replies laughing. “He literally just broke seven tackles in one play.”

Despite the video evidence showing a little different story, Connor is still proud of his hit. He posted to Twitter saying, “one may say I got him good.”

“AJ Dillon is a hell of a player, however, I did at one point play him in high school and although he broke 18 tackles on this play, one may say I got him good.”

AJ Dillon Responds

The rookie running back must be a fan of the Pat McAfee Show. He also seems to have found the exchange humorous as he chimed in on Monday afternoon. He says he “still remembers the hit to this day.”