WATCH: Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce Cheer Up Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman After Bad Play

by Charles Craighill

Clearly Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce know what it means to be a good teammate. After a Mecole Hardman mistake, both stars encouraged him to keep his head up. Those little words of encouragement led Hardman to one of his most explosive games yet. It just goes to shows that a little bit of sportsmanship can go a long way.

In the first quarter of last night’s AFC Championship, the Kansas City Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman muffed a punt on his own five-yard line. The mistake resulted in a crushing blow early in the game. The Buffalo Bills recovered near the goal line and scored almost immediately taking a 9-0 lead over the favored Chiefs in the first quarter.

On his way to the bench, star tight end Travis Kelce made a point to talk to his teammate.

He offered a few encouraging words before the disheartened receiver buried himself beneath his jacket on the bench. “A lot of plays left to be made,” Kelce said to Mecole Hardman as he walked by. “You gotta trust the boys for it, alright?”

A few moments later as Mecole Hardman still hid beneath his parka on the bench, quarterback Patrick Mahomes approaches him. “Hey, Mecole, look at me,” Mahomes said lifting Hardman’s chin up. “We good. Be you. You are gonna make a play this game. Be us, we’ve been here, be us.”

Mecole Hardman Gets his Revenge

Neither Patrick Mahomes nor Travis Kelce was wrong with their predictions. On the very next drive, Mecole Hardman took a jet sweep for 51 yards to put the Chiefs in scoring position. Later in the drive, Hardman scored a touchdown on a screenplay from the three-yard line. Just like that, the Chiefs were back in the game only down two points.

After returning to the bench after the 14-play, 80-yard drive, Travis Kelce showed Mecole Hardman some love for his turnaround. The game’s second-leading receiver high-fived Hardman and gave him some more encouraging words.

“That’s how you handle adversity,” Kelce said to his teammate. “You smack it right in the mouth!”