WATCH: Patriots Rookie Bailey Zappe Sings Along to ‘Stacy’s Mom’ During Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

You know what gets Bailey Zappe ready to go before making a big play during NFL Monday Night Football? Early 2000s rock. That’s right, Zappe was on the sideline, ready to come in for Mac Jones when he was called upon. The stadium DJ had on “Stacy’s Mom” and the young QB couldn’t help himself.

When your team is down and the starting quarterback can’t get it done, you have to find a way to get ready. Bailey Zappe was ready as soon as he heard that Fountains of Wayne tune hit the speakers. You can save those typical hype songs for other athletes, this is all Zappe needs.

Oh, right after this, the quarterback went into the game and closed the deficit to put his team back in the game. This could have been a blowout from the first half, but Zappe got the Patriots going again. A passing touchdown and a rushing TD from Rhamondre Stevenson later and it’s 20-14 at the half. Still, work to do, but better than what it could have been.

The only issue for the Patriots was the fact that the Chicago Bears looked like a completely different team than they had earlier in the season. This was far different than their seven-point performance against the Commanders on Thursday Night Football.

Still, there is no doubt that Bailey Zappe had put the Pats in the best position to win. For whatever reason, maybe he was rusty, Mac Jones couldn’t get the job done. His performance was lackluster and left something to be desired.

Bailey Zappe Battles the Bears

The Patriots were doing their best as the Chicago defense clamped down. The passing game was moving in the wet fog of Foxborough. Heavy rain came down earlier in the day and soaked Gillette Stadium. While the rain wasn’t coming down hard during the game, the moisture in the air added a wrinkle.

Bailey Zappe is a fan favorite. You come out of Western Kentucky University and light up the NFL like he has, that is going to get some attention. Zappe is a guy that is looking for any and every chance he can get to prove that he belongs in the NFL.

Let’s see if he has what it takes to get the comeback win against the Bears.