WATCH: Penn State Photographer Takes Down Streaker with Perfect Tackle

by Suzanne Halliburton
Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Penn State, here’s a suggestion — maybe add the team photographer to your defense. He showed the skills in taking down a fan who interrupted the game action by streaking across the field.

The tackle didn’t play a factor in which team claimed the Governor’s Victory Bell Trophy. Still, we’ve got this college football fan faux pas captured on video and audio. Kyle Andrews, who covers Penn State, shot a short video clip of the action. You can witness the Penn State photographer pulling double duty.

Andrews tweeted: “A photographer just took down a streaking fan at the Penn State game. He gives a fist pump to the fans in the student section after he makes the tackle.” We should add, like any good defense, the security guards also swarmed to the streaker. So if the streaker broke the photog’s tackle, a security guard would be there to make the drop.

Then Learfield, which handles the Nittany Lions multi-media rights, tweeted audio of the call. The tweet called it “SWIFT JUSTICE” and a “HERO’S WELCOME.”

But Mike Golic Jr, who did radio play-by-play, was not impressed with the streaker’s attempt for glory.

“That was sizzle, no steak from the streaker,” said Golic, who noted that the streaker wasn’t completely naked. He’d only taken off his shirt. Still, everyone applauded the Penn State photographer and his form tackle. You can do that when your team wins 45-17.

And if you can’t get enough of this Penn State photographer, we’ve got another up close view. The Nittany Lions are known for their tough linebackers. They’d surely be proud of this guy.

We should probably add that Penn State didn’t need the photographer to handle the Minnesota offense when the two Big Ten rivals met at Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley. Most of the Nittany Lion fans wore all white for this prime-time affair. They watched as the Penn State defense forced seven punts. The Golden Gophers were without Starting quarterback Tanner Morgan, who missed the game because of a head injury. Freshman Athan Kaliakmanis who completed only 9 of his 22 passes for 175 yards.

Plus, the noise from the sell-out crowd also appeared to distract the Minnesota offense. Officials flagged the Golden Gophers five times for false starts in the first half. But Penn State only owned a 17-10 lead at intermission. The Nittany Lions then blew the game open with a three-touchdown flurry in the third quarter.

The Nittany Lions rebounded well from last week’s loss to Michigan. But how will they react this Saturday when they play host to No. 2 Ohio State? Penn State will need their boisterous crowd, while keeping the photographer on stand by.