WATCH: People Are Confused After Chiefs Attempt 4th Down Trick-Play Pass to Patrick Mahomes

by Joe Rutland

Now, wait a minute. Isn’t Patrick Mahomes supposed to throw, not catch, passes for the Kansas City Chiefs? That’s usually the case.

Not on Sunday when Chiefs Coach Andy Reid attempts a fourth-down pass play as wide receiver Sammy Watkins throws it to Mahomes against the Atlanta Falcons.

The whole play didn’t go as planned as the Falcons intercepted Watkins’ pass.

Take a look at how it all panned out.

Fans React Over Pass Attempt To Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City and NFL fans are quick to react on Twitter after seeing the Chiefs attempt to trick the Falcons.

Chad Frankenfield (@chadfromminny) says, “I know it was picked, but that wasn’t a bad pass from across the field delivered by a WR.”

Yoki (@Yoki1909) says, “Andy Reid is a generational talent in designing plays.”

Tony Koch (@TKoch8) comments, “This is how you get your QB hurt.”

Finally, WinzAreNotAQBStat (@PrezziDaniel) says, “It would have been better if he batted that down but I have to respect the stat hustle.”

Mom Speaks Out When Mahomes’ Name Trimmed On Air

Just make sure you say the full name of Patrick Mahomes on the air, not “Pat,” or you will feel the wrath of the his mother.

Earlier this season, Randi Mahomes took to Twitter to make sure ESPN personnel knew her son’s name.

“If this announcer doesn’t stop calling my son Pat…ugh I may scream…lol,” Mahomes wrote. She also tagged ESPNNFL and ESPN in the tweet in order to get her message across.

Randi Mahomes sent out the tweet during “Monday Night Football” where the Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens 34-20.

Patrick Mahomes had an outstanding game in the victory, passing for over 380 yards with five touchdowns in the victory.

Randi Mahomes’ frustration came from ESPN announcers calling her son “Pat” instead of “Patrick.” Mahomes’ father, a former Major League Baseball standout, is the senior Patrick but goes by “Pat.”

Patrick Mahomes cleared up the situation after the game, according to Fox News.

“My mom says I am Patrick and my dad is Pat,” he told ESPN’s Lisa Salters. “So hopefully we can start calling me Patrick just to keep her happy because I don’t want to hear that tonight.”