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WATCH: Peyton Manning Completely Whiffs Touchdown Prediction on MNF, Eli Roasts Him with ‘Romo’ Comment

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images for The Match)

Eli and Peyton Manning on MNF might be the best thing to happen this NFL season. Little brother took a jab at the older Manning. The two have been giving commentary on Monday nights this season. Some fans aren’t into it, but there are a lot of people who are.

When Tony Romo entered the booth after retiring from the NFL, he became a fan favorite. His play predictions went viral and his knowledge was on full display. While the Manning show is more relaxed than formal in the booth commentary, their knowledge of the game has been impressive as well. However, Peyton made a fatal error tonight.

Eli took the opportunity to get a dig in on his brother with a Romo comment.

Just as the Detroit Lions are marching down the field in the Red Zone, Peyton Manning made his prediction. Play-action pass. Touchdown. The ball was snapped and Jared Goff…handed off to his running back. Run up the middle. A couple of yards of gain.

“Shows what I know,” Peyton trailed off.

“Nice call, Romo,” Eli quipped about his brother.

The two enjoyed a laugh together and kept it moving. The new show is actually genius. The two get along so well and the rapport is natural because they’re brothers. Detroit versus Green Bay deserves something like this. While there are fans who can’t stand it, I can’t get enough of it.

In his retirement, Peyton Manning has shown his funny side more and more. Fans have enjoyed getting to know not just Peyton, but Eli as well. This is going to get more popular as the season goes on, just wait.

Peyton Manning and Eli Joke on MNF

This type of loose, relaxed commentary isn’t new. Last week during the debut of the duo, things got wild. Peyton Manning really does have a comedy bone in him, and Eli can be sneakily funny as well. These simulcasts have been great and brought out a lot of personality in the two already.

While this week it was Peyton being made fun of, last week he was the one cracking the jokes. He managed to avoid flubbing any predictions. It really made for a great debut presentation. During the simulcast, Manning decided to put on a Jon Gruden impression.

The Las Vegas Raiders coach has been impersonated many times. Frank Caliendo used to do the best one, and there have been others. However, Peyton Manning throwing it out there on the MNF simulcast last week. He went all-in with his dedication as well. The Raiders and Ravens faced off and Manning dressed up like the Las Vegas head coach.

He had the headset, visor, and everything. Perhaps it was the good luck charm that the Raiders needed. They fought off Baltimore in Week One in overtime 33-27. While he didn’t dress up this week, perhaps he will again in the future.