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WATCH: Peyton Manning Nearly Walks Off ManningCast Set Over Poor Play

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

When Monday Night Football is bad, it helps to have Peyton and Eli Manning break it down and have some fun on the ManningCast. However, what happens when Peyton and Eli stop having fun? That’s what New England and Arizona drove the NFL brothers to, madness.

When Peyton Manning stops enjoying the football game, you know it is getting bad. The Patriots and Cardinals just played bad ball in the first half. Colt McCoy had to come in for Kyler Murray after an early injury. Mac Jones is still trying to get his team together for a playoff run.

While Mac and the Pats attempted to get a field goal out of a two-minute drill, they fumbled. It was an option play, and the quarterback wanted to hand off the ball to his running back. He didn’t take the ball. Lucky for New England, they were able to recover the ball, and still hit the field goal before the end of the half.

Peyton Manning was beside himself and Eli looks downright disgusted by what they both saw on the TV.

We feel you, Peyton, we really do.

These are two teams that have not had a great season overall. With Kyler Murray being out with injury once again, this Cardinals offense just has no playmaking ability. McCoy is able to do okay, but there is a clear lack of explosiveness with the team.

Unforutnately for the Patriots, McCoy has been keeping pace with Mac Jones for most of the game. Thankfully the rest of us can get up and leave whenever we want, unlike Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning Trolls Joe Burrow on ManningCast

Joe Burrow stopped by and talked to the guys on the ManningCast. Before he left, Peyton and Eli Manning decided to troll the young quarterback a little bit. They pulled up a video of a young fan crying and ranting about the quarterback after having wisdom tooth surgery.

Burrow took it in stride and looked like he had a lot of fun on the show. However, it was a bit awkward. Peyton and Eli know how to have fun and when they get the chance, they will crack jokes and poke fun at their friends and guests on the show.

I’d rather have wisdom tooth surgery than watch this Patriots and Cardinals game, to be honest.