WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles’ Jason Kelce Belts the National Anthem at Sixers Game

by Matthew Memrick

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce wasn’t too shabby as he belted out the national anthem before Monday’s Sixers game.

Sure, at 6-foot-3, the bearded hulk looks intimidating. But he sure killed that pre-game televised performance for thousands to see. USA Today reported on the singing moment.

The 34-year-old man is a Super Bowl champion, five-time Pro-Bowl selection, and four-time first-team All-Pro selection. But what you probably don’t know is that the University of Cincinnati alum played the baritone saxophone in high school.

Jason Kelce is the older brother of Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce.

Jason Kelce National Anthem Performance For Charity

It wasn’t a last-minute substitution for the NFL star. Jason Kelce said he’d sing the tricky but patriotic song for the crowd.

Why’d he do it? Well, for a former teammate’s charity. Connor Barwin surpassed $100,000 in donations, and the center said he’d sing the anthem if it passed the mark.

Sure, he looked a tad nervous, but he owned the moment. If a hairy-looking NFL star can go up and win over the crowd, why can’t any average Joe do it?

He took that minute, 20-second moment, and conquered it. But this is a man who made a legendary post-Super Bowl speech for the ages.

Social media fans loved the performance. On the NBC Sports Philadelphia Twitter feed, one even ranked Kelce’s anthem above the late Whitney Houston. He had Black Eyed Peas alum Fergie at the bottom of his list. Probably Macy Gray if he could remember the NBA All-Star game recently.

Another Twitter user commented on Kelce’s tan sweater coat, comparing it to Jeff Bridges’ one in “The Big Lebowski.”

When Kelce roared out, “And the Rocket’s red glare,” it was too much for one fan.

But you got to give it to Kelce. The man delivered. 

Kelce Returns To NFL Team In Wild Video

The NFL player announced he was returning to the team only a few days ago. Many have wondered if the star would return for a 12th pro season.

The Eagles started cold last year but recovered to make the playoffs by winning seven of their previous ten games. The team eventually lost to Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31-15.

Kelce pumps a keg and fills his cup with beer in a clip shared by the Eagles. Kelce takes a big ol’ sip with beer streaming down from his massive beard. Then, for fun, he announces his retirement from hosting sports radio.

But would he hang up his cleats this year? Naw, man. 

“But I’m definitely not retiring from playing for the Philadelphia Eagles,” Kelce said. “I’m having way too much fun doing that. Looking forward to another year, Philadelphia, and all my teammates. Let’s go dominate.”

Kelce has flirted with retirement the past four seasons. But he said he’s coming back for another season.