WATCH: Philip Rivers Coaches First Game at Alabama High School and It’s As Glorious as You’d Expect

by John Jamison

Philips Rivers: potential NFL Hall of Famer, wholesome family guy, and now, undefeated high school football coach. The former Chargers and briefly Indianapolis Colts quarterback took home his first victory as the head coach of the St. Michaels Catholic Cardinals in his home state of Alabama Thursday night.

And yes, his team dominated. The Cardinals put up 49 to competing McIntosh’s 0. Rivers has never looked so in his element. He paced up and down the sidelines with his play sheet in hand and headset atop his hatthe epitome of a high school football coach.

Despite the blowout, the eight-most winning regular-season NFL quarterback of all time isn’t one to gloat. In fact, he was characteristically gracious about the whole thing. The man didn’t even allow himself to curse as an NFL player, and that doesn’t seem to have changed.

“It’s awesome. I tell you what, Thursday and Friday nights, after playing 250 something NFL games and 50 something college games, those three years playing at Athens High School, you know, being around it at Decatur High growing up, were some of my favorite memories. They really are. They’re up there in the top 10,” Rivers said following his first victory as a high school head coach.

Philip Rivers emphasized how much he misses playing high school football. A lesson that is hard to impress upon kids while they’re actually playing. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying.

“It’s awesome. I’m trying to remind these kids of that so they embrace it. Because most of these kids are going to play not beyond high school football,” Philip Rivers continued. “We gotta handful that will play at the next level and that want to. And I want ’em to want to. But I also want them to appreciate experiences like this.”

Philip Rivers Hasn’t Closed the Door on Potential Return to NFL

Heck, Brett Favre retired and came back to the league multiple times in his late 30s. Philip Rivers, now 39, hasn’t completely ruled the potential of something like that out.

He talked about the possibility with the Los Angles Times earlier in August.

“I’m getting back there. I wouldn’t have made weight if I had to report last week, that’s for sure. But I am getting back into the lifting and running, and shoot, I occasionally throw a ball around out here in this heat,” Rivers said.

Curiously, despite his high school coaching obligations. Philip Rivers hasn’t even ruled out a return at some point this season.

“I’m just going to stay ready,” he continued. “I want to make sure I’m very clear: I’m not predicting I will play in December or January, for that matter. One, you’ve got to have somebody who wants you, and two, it’s got to be right. But I have not completely ruled that out.”