WATCH: Phillip Rivers Gets Emotional Looking Back on Colts Season in Postgame Interview

by Matthew Wilson

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers couldn’t hold back the tears in a postgame interview, sad enough to break a grown man’s heart.

The interview was tinged with the disappointment that his and the Colts’ season was over. There would be no preparation for a potential Super Bowl after the team lost to the Buffalo Bills. It was tragically close for Rivers. The Bills won out by only three points, 27 to 24.

But Rivers had only good things to say about being a part of the Colts. It was his first year playing quarterback for the team after 16 seasons with the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers.

“It’s a really neat team. I know you’ve heard me say it,” Rivers said in a post-game interview. “I think under these circumstances, I know personally for me to develop the type of bond and camaraderie that we had, it was pretty special for sure. You know all of the protocols and not being here until August. It was a heck of a team to be a part of. “

Phillip Rivers Gets Emotional

Part of it was the disappointment. Rivers felt confident this year that the Colts would make it to the Super Bowl. The quarterback has gone 17 years now without a Bowl win. The championship of football continues to elude him.

“So a certainly disappointing finish like this,” Rivers said. “You just believe this is the year. And I think that’s the competitor in me. I’ve never not believed it was the year. But it was a special team to be a part of. “

But maybe Rivers got emotional because he also realizes he’s running out of time. The quarterback is almost 40, and you can’t stay on the field forever. Rivers wasn’t certain if it’s his last time walking out of the stadium’s tunnel or not.

“After your 17th year and you’re about to be 40, and you’re not sure if you walked up your last tunnel, heck yeah, heck yeah, it’s more (emotional),” River said.  “It was a heck of a fun season. There’s zero regret. Moving to Indiana, and shoot, and playing for this franchise and having a chance and meeting some new guys that I will keep a relationship with. We fell short today, but I’ll walk out of here with my head held high, for sure.”