WATCH: Phillip Rivers Looks Exactly How You’d Expect in Clips from High School Head Coaching Job

by Evan Reier

When Phillip Rivers announced he was bringing his NFL career to an end, he added that he was going to coach high school football.

That came as a bit of a surprise, until you remember that the man has nine kids. Philip Rivers traded his Los Angeles Chargers blues for the Indianapolis Colts for his final NFL season, in part, due to his family Leaving the sunny side of California for somewhere closer to his home state of Alabama meant that he was closer to his roots.

Further, it meant his family could live in Alabama while he played in Indiana. During the buildup to the 2020 season, Rivers announced that he would be taking over the head-coaching duties at St. Michael Catholic High School in Fairhope, Alabama at the end of his career. It should come as no surprise that his two sons are playing for the team as well.

Now, after retirement, he’s finally the head ball coach and we’ve got video. It’s as glorious as you’d hope.

As entertaining as Rivers’ on-field gunslinging was, it was his hilarious demeanor and knack for wacky moments that made him so memorable. As one would expect, his translation into “head coach speak” is going well.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing the boys compete,” Philip Rivers said in the above interview. “Just another checkpoint as we head into summer workouts. I’m not worried about the scoreboard so much as seeing us compete, seeing if we transfer what we’ve been working on in practice to a game setting.”

That’s a quote from a high school football coach if we’ve ever heard one. The only words from a typical quote missing were, “heart” and “execution,” but, otherwise, spot on from Phillip.

Phillip Rivers Coaching a Catholic High School

With nine kids, there’s only a handful of reasons why Phillip Rivers decided to have so many. No, not that reason. In reality, the former Chargers QB is famously Catholic, and is looking to raise his kids in the same way.

He’s also looking to coach his sons, as did his father. That’s why, back in May, St. Michael and Rivers announced his arrival.

“It’s a special day for me and my family really,” Rivers said. “I will probably get a little emotional. I had two childhood dreams. One was to play in the NFL, and I’m now going into my 17th season. The other was to be a high school football coach as my dad was. How blessed am I to be able to live both of those out!”

He wrapped that 17th season with a playoff appearance, but as was the case throughout his career, he didn’t progress very far in the post-season.

Growing up in Decatur, Alabama, Philip Rivers is now back to his roots and able to do what he loves while doing so. And, to be honest, we can’t wait to see what kind of highlights we get of the 39-year-old doing his new gig.