WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin Does Antonio Brown’s Viral Dance in Locker Room Celebration

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yes, that really was Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin showing off his sweet dance moves with the rest of his team after they pulled off a dramatic upset of Cincinnati.

Why the Sunday party so early in September? The Steelers knocked off the Bengals, the defending AFC champions, at the Bengals’ place. The game was in doubt until the final play of overtime. Now that’s a way to start the season.

Marcus Allen, a Steelers linebacker, posted the video of Mike Tomlin, plus the teammates, doing the newest dance craze started this summer by Antonio Brown. Who cares if they had a plane to catch, right? There’s never a wrong time to dance after an unexpected win. Media outlets noticed Allen’s IG and shared the video with NFL fans, who also were in a celebratory mood. After all, it’s the start of football season, so dance away.

Why Not Dance: Mike Tomlin, Steelers Party After OT Win

So here’s why Mike Tomlin and the Steelers were having a locker room dance party. Pittsburgh won, 23-20. The Steelers seemingly had the game in hand after picking off Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow four times with seven sacks. Three of the interceptions came in the first half. The first led to a pick-six by Steeler safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

But Burrow got the Steelers back into the game. His touchdown pass to Ja’Marr Chase tied the score at 20-20 with four seconds to play in regulation. But Fitzpatrick blocked the extra point. (We’re hoping Minkah was the featured locker room dancer, aside from Mike Tomlin, of course).

Bengals kicker Evan McPherson missed a 29-yard field goal in overtime, giving the Steelers one final chance. Chris Boswell’s 53-yard attempt sailed through the uprights on the final play of overtime. Cue the dancing.

Want another look at the winning play? Here you go.

Coach Gave His Team Special Shoes Before They Left for Cincy

Mike Tomlin had already leaned on some motivational tricks to give his team a salty attitude in Cincy. Before the team left for the game, Tomlin gifted the entire team pairs of black Air Force Ones. Cody Sabol, a local Pittsburgh artist, painted the shoes for Tomlin. Sabol said all the stores were out of the black versions of the Nike shoe. So he needed to paint in a hurry.

In internet culture, the guys who wear these black shoes are the nasty dudes. They’re the ones who give the beat down, not take one. If you see a guy wearing these shoes, it’s a good idea to go the other way. So if you’re a football team wanting to dictate an attitude, you put on the shoes.

But Mike Tomlin also likes to keep these sorts of team moments, private. Reporters asked him about the black Air Force Ones. One reporter who covers the Steelers tweeted:

“Always cracks me up how little Mike Tomlin wants to let the outside world into the locker room. Asked him about the black Air Forces: “That’s a little light-hearted fun among us. I’m not going to add any color to it for you guys. That’s our business as far as I’m concerned.”

The dancing was light-hearted, too.