WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers’ Marcus Allen Can’t Be with Mom on Christmas, Buys Her New Car Instead

by Evan Reier

If there’s one thing for certain in 2020, it’s that it has made being with loved ones much more challenging for some, including NFL players like Pittsburgh Steelers defender Marcus Allen.

The nature of COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people away from their loved ones in the name of safety. NFL players are supposed to follow a strict protocol, and also don’t have much time when the football season overlaps with the holiday season.

This is, unfortunately, where Allen found himself at. Unable to be with his mother and other family, the Steeler refused to not make it one to remember. As Yahoo Sports shared below, Allen went all-out on giving his mother a deserving Christmas gift.

The look of surprise is heartwrenching. Emotions are high enough during the holidays, but the culmination of the season plus not being able to be with her son obviously has Allen’s mother caught up already. The shock of receiving a new car sends her over the emotional edge.

When she begins jumping up and down and sobbing, it’s hard not to get a little touched yourself. She can barely compose herself to say, “thank you,” before Allen responds over the phone with, “You mean everything to me.”

“I’ve wanted to do it my whole life,” Allen says to his mother. “I love you, Mom.”

Marcus Allen Solidifying Himself with Pittsburgh Steelers

The financial perks of being an NFL player are obvious, but as a fifth-round pick and still on a rookie contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Allen is making somewhere around $300,000 grand a year. Not a small sum by any means, but not the astronomically high numbers some might immediately jump to when thinking about NFL salaries.

This is not to mention that Allen hadn’t started a game until 2020, his third year in the league. The former Penn State standout has had to grind to keep his place and grow into a role for Pittsburgh.

Essentially, buying a car for his mom wasn’t something that was just immediately feasible or affordable when he came to the NFL. This wholesome surprise for his mother came after diligently working. It’s clear it means more than words can express to both Allen and his mother.