WATCH: Pro Surfer Shreds Insane Wave, Gives All-Time Great Interview

by Amanda Glover
Photo by Pedro Fiuza/Xinhua via Getty Images)

A mind-blowing video was recently uploaded of a professional surfer shredding a massive wave in Portugal.

Professional surfer Pedro Scooby rode an immense wave in Portugal on Monday. This event was recently posted after being captured on video. This beautiful day was filled with massive waves, excited crowds, and epic competitors. They watched in awe and cheered with glee as Scooby participated in the men’s round of the TUDOR Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge. Viewers watched as the waves sent Scooby on an incredible path that will make history. TMZ even titled the 33-year old surfer “One of the best big wave surfers in the world.”

The clip posted to TMZ revealed Scooby gliding through the wave’s barrel before making it out. This event only made the crowd applaud the surfer’s achievement.

After making it to TMZ’s Twitter page, the video received ten retweets and forty-eight likes.

It was estimated that the wave was close to being sixty-feet high. The fact that Scooby was able to journey through waters that high was an accomplishment in itself. He earned a 9.50 score from the judges.

After his exciting ride ended and he got off his surfboard, he described his ride to reporters as, “An exciting hit.” No doubt that everyone that watched Scooby described it similarly. Surfers do not only have athletic talents but a passion for the sport.

Scooby also told the reporter that during the beginning of the ride, he and his partner accidentally chose the wrong wave. Though nervous and concerned, this adventure managed to have a happy ending. Although this action led to a huge wipe-out and Scooby losing his surfboard in the barrel, he still finished the ride with a smile on his face. He also voiced support and love for his surfing partner.

Who is Pedro Scooby?

Pedro “Scooby” Vianna was born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is known for being a professional surfer. He has been surfing since 2008. Since then, Scooby has spent much time searching for new and exciting waves all over the world to conquer.

“The person that crosses the world to surf a single wave does that because he loves it. I’m not scared of risk, even less scared of being happy.”

Surfing was first discovered in Polynesia after cave paintings from the 12th century depicting people riding their way through waves. After the action made it to Hawaii, it became a popular activity all over the world. It was not only a sport in Hawaii but a religious practice. Amazingly, such an activity can have many meanings to many people.

The fact that the sport made it to Brazil proved to not only be lucky for Scooby, but what helped make him who he is today.