Take Notes: Purdue Cheerleader Displays Excellent Form Doing a Bellyflop Into a Puddle During Rainstorm

by Jonathan Howard

Cheerleaders might be some of the most underappreciated athletes on college campuses, but not this Purdue cheerleader. Up in West Lafeyette, things are getting a little wet and rainy. That isn’t stopping the party this college football Saturday.

When a massive puddle forms on the sideline and the BIG 10 cameras are pointing at you, you have to make a showing. So, without much hesitation, she got herself ready and belly-flopped right into the water. As you’d expect, flawless form.

Pete the Boilermaker was there, her whole squad behind her, of course, she’s going to go all in. What commitment. The game was tight between Minnesota and Purdue. When it comes to close games in the BIG 10, everything helps. So, why not take a bellyflop into the rainwater?

However, there is only so much a cheerleader on the sideline can do to influence a football game. After a strong first half, the offense stalled for the Boilermakers. That opened up the perfect opportunity for the Golden Gophers.

Minnesota Takes Down Purdue Despite Yardage Difference

Normally if you looked at a box score and saw that one team had 448 yards on offense and the other team had 294, you would take the first team to win. However, all the yards in the world couldn’t help Purdue today.

Even with a 28-12 advantage in the First Downs category, and an 86-53 advantage in Total Plays, the Boilermakers managed to lose this game. When you look at the fine details, that is when you see the real story.

Aidan O’Connell had a great day passing. He finished 34/52 for 371 yards for the Boilermakers. However, despite his touchdown pass, he also threw an interception. Not only that, but his four runs totaled negative yardage. King Doerue tried to get things going on the ground, but his 95 yards weren’t good enough.

Tanner Morgan had a different type of game. He only completed 9/18 passes for 169 yards and a TD. Other than that, there wasn’t a really impressive performance from the Gophers. Treyson Potts ran for 78 yards on 15 carries. He also grabbed a TD for his team.

While it wasn’t a huge turnover difference, the lost fumble and interception that Purdue gave up had a big outcome on this game. Not only that but allowing your QB to be put under enough stress to give him -44 rushing yards, is never a recipe for success. This was a frustrating loss for Purdue.

The lead was 13-10 with the Gophers trailing at the half. The second half would be a different story. Minnesota put up 10 points and held their opponents to a big goose egg for the last 30 minutes of play. All the belly-flopping cheerleaders in the world couldn’t prevent this outcome.