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WATCH: Raiders Complete Incredible Hail Mary in Final Seconds, Jets Remain Winless

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

The hapless New York Jets remain winless once again in the most entertaining fashion. In the dwindling seconds of today’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders, Derek Carr completed an epic Hail Mary to Henry Ruggs. The Raiders’ touchdown gave them a 31-28 lead, which they held onto for the win. To make it even worse, the Jets led for most of the game.

Sam Darnold spoke on the disappointing loss after the game. “We should have won,” he said. “To have a game like that, where you should have won in the end, those ones definitely hurt more than any.”

The New York Jets’ coaching has been questionable at best, and problematic at worst all year. Head coach Adam Gase has caught fire for his bad coaching and misuse of players. For example, the Jets sent seven rushers on the fateful Hail Mary play, dropping only three into coverage. In an obvious throwing situation, many questioned the decision to leave the secondary so exposed. It clearly did not pay off for the New York Jets as it cost them their first victory of the season.

New York Jets Woes on the Dreadful Season

Since the beginning of the season, experts expected the New York Jets to be the worst team in football. Perhaps the worst team in the history of football, at least in the history of the organization. To be the worst team in the history of the Jets is quite a feat, as the ’96 team finished 1-15. The way this season looks, they could top that… or bottom that, depending on how you look at it.

For the rest of the season, a win looks hard to come by for the Jets. Surprisingly, their best chance to win comes in week 17 against the New England Patriots. This might be the first time in about 30 years that statement could be true. For every other game, they will face a winning, likely playoff-bound team.