WATCH: Rally Car Loses Control on Turn, Veers Terrifyingly Close to Crowd at Race

by Shelby Scott

Rally Car Racing ranks as one of the most dangerous sports out there. Now, a recent video clip proved it after an out-of-control vehicle veered and collided into a crowd of bystanders. The clip highlights an onslaught of spectator screams and the sputtering engine as it approached. Following, the vehicle then drifted off of the dirt track.

The incident took place on Sunday at the Tucuman Rally Race in San Miguel de Tucumán located in northern Argentina. According to the Daily Mail, the crowd miraculously avoided serious injury despite the close proximity many occupied during the vehicle’s incident. Authorities later identified the driver as Karim Drube racing a VW Golf.

The early part of the clip shows Drube as he initially lost control of the car. Viewers watch it as it fish-tails back and forth across the dry dirt track before careening into the crowd. The bystanders quickly jump out of the way, five of which only suffered bumps and scrapes from the impact. Drube and his vehicle then drift off the path as the crowd gathers closer to inspect the situation.

Bystanders suffered no major injuries. Although, they had previously ignored race officials’ requests that they do not stand so close to the track. However, during rally races like these, the open layout and roughly beaten tracks allow for bystanders to truly sit front-row. The video, regardless, proves the dangers apparent during rally racing for both drivers and bystanders.

A NASCAR Driver Endured A ‘Sickening’ Crash During A Michigan Race

While Rally Car Races are known for their inherent dangers, it’s unsurprising when any race participant suffers a brutal crash. Earlier last week, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon suffered a major crash during the Firekeepers Casino 500. The race was the latest to take place on the Michigan Speedway.

Video footage shows Dillon’s vehicle hooked during the race by fellow driver, Brad Keselowski. The two had been in 6th and 7th place during the race and, as they rounded the track. Soon, Dillon careened into the concrete barrier and then spun out across the track.

Fortunately, like the bystanders at the rally race, Dillon walked away from the wreck unharmed. Incidents such as these, however, can often end a lot worse. For example, certain wrecks lead to explosive fires or multiple car pile-ups if racers aren’t aware.

While the video clip from the race shows the exterior of the crash, a second interior clip shows the crash from inside the racecar and it’s sickening as the car spins out and some kind of liquid coats the windshield. The car’s personal footage also captures the screeching of the tires as it concludes its run in the race.