WATCH: Reporter Farts During Anthony Davis Presser, Lakers Star Reacts

by Charles Craighill

After yesterday’s win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis sat down for his post-game interview. In the middle of answering a question about his and teammate Montrez Harrell’s floater, on reporter ripped a loud one. The microphone picked up on the passed gas, and everyone in the room heard it… including Davis.

“Are you serious?” Anthony Davis stopped mid-sentence to say, laughing. “Did y’all hear that?” he asked the other reporters.

To sympathize with the reporter, we’ve all been there. You think it’s going to be silent, but it has other plans. Next thing you know, you have a seven-time NBA All Star making fun of you on national television.

Tony Romo Burps on National Television

The reporter in Anthony Davis’ press conference isn’t the only one to fall victim to public embarrassment. On the Thanksgiving broadcast of the Detroit Lions and Houston Texans game, Tony Romo unleashed a massive burp. While experts never could confirm whether or not the loud sound was in fact a belch, most took the ‘guilty until proven innocent’ approach with the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

Fortunately, Romo recovered from his bodily slip by accurately predicting a turnover for the Houston Texans. It remains unclear whether or not the reporter can recover as well.

Anthony Davis and the Lakers Look to Repeat

After the shortest turnaround in NBA history, the Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers continue their momentum. Less than three months ago, the Lakers took home the NBA Championship trophy. Now, they own a 5-2 record, tied for first in the West.

Their two biggest stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, have also continued their dominance. The pair leads the team in four categories including points, rebounds, and assists. However, Marc Gasol leads the team in blocks to this point.