WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Hilariously Interrupts Mike Evans on Live Television to Go Party

by Emily Morgan

Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski just want to party. After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers clinched their first Super Bowl win since 2002, Evans and his teammates had every reason to celebrate.

During a post-game interview, the Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver tried to stay professional despite his excitement. However, for his teammate, Rob Gronkowski— not so much.

While Evans delivered his remarks about the win, the hosts and the viewers can hear Gronkowski off-camera, uring Evans to “turn up.” The hosts couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious moment captured on screen.

Super Bowl LV Win Marks Huge Milestone For Mike Evans

This season was a big one for Evans, and on Sunday, it couldn’t have ended any better. Tampa Bay, playing in its home stadium, won the title with a 31-9 win over defending champs Kansas City.

In Evans’ first six years in the NFL, he never made it to the postseason until now. During the Super Bowl, he proved he deserved the right to be there: he had the longest play of the game with a 31-yard reception.

At the very beginning of the game, the Bucs first couple drives got off to a slow start. However, Evans was crucial in helping the team get going.

At one point, the Chiefs cut the lead to 14-6, and it looked like that would be the score going into the half. However, Evans’ incredible route running and physical play resulted in the Bucs moving the chains forward after crucial PI calls. With one of them in the red zone.

Now at the one-yard line for the Bucs, Tom Brady looked to Antonio Brown for a touchdown. This pass put them in the lead, 21-6 at halftime. The Bucs never turned back, eventually winning the game with a final score of 31-9.

On his ascent to his first Super Bowl ring, Evans set an impressive record. He became the first player in history to go over 1,000 yards receiving in each of his first seven seasons.

Last year, Evans tied with Randy Moss for the record with six-straight 1,000-yard seasons to begin a career.