WATCH: Robert Griffin III Races a Hawk Ahead of Seahawks vs. Broncos Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

You might’ve tuned into to see the Seahawks and Broncos play football. But the best early highlight was Robert Griffin III, the former NFL quarterback, race a hawk.

More specifically, RG3 raced Seahawks mascot, Taima the Hawk. Griffin, the 2011 Heisman winner, was in street clothes. Meanwhile, the hawk had a definitive home-field advantage. After all, the Seahawks were the home team against the Broncos.

Take a look at the race. We think RG3 won this dash, although fans of the hawk suggested otherwise.

Booger McFarland was the race host as he and Griffin were on the field for their pre-game analysis. And McFarland explained that Taima, who turned 17 earlier this year, could reach a speed approaching 100 miles per hour. Plus, he’s got a 4 1/2 foot wing span. But does he have good get off speed?

Then McFarland asked Griffin his top time in the 40-yard dash. Griffin said 4.3. And he’s not lying. At one time, he owned elite level track speed. Back when he was going to high school in Copperas Cove, Texas, Griffin was one of the best young hurdlers in the the world. He earned Gatorade Texas Boys Track and Field Athlete of the Year. And for context, the state produces some of the best sprinters in the world. Check out who won the gold and bronze medals at this year’s world championship in the 100-meters.

But Griffin wanted to concentrate on football. He left Baylor for the 2012 draft. And Washington picked Griffin with the second overall pick of the NFL draft. Injuries took down Griffin’s NFL career. He’s now making a living as a college football and NFL analysis for ESPN.

On Saturday night, he did analysis for Baylor-Brigham Young. Two days later, he was making his debut as part of the ESPN pre-game crew. The Seahawks and Broncos game was his first big game as he replaced Randy Moss in the ESPN lineup. And there he was, racing a Hawk. You can’t get better analysis than that.

“We all won because RG didn’t get hurt,” McFarland proclaimed, asking RG3 about his hamstring. All good.

While everyone tuned in to watch Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson play the Seahawks, his former team, maybe RG3 stole the show. Or maybe, he showed enough speed to get a call from an NFL GM. Hello, Jerry Jones, were you watching? Dak Prescott could be sidelined for two months.

“I think the Cowboys just called me,” Griffin quipped. But McFarland gave him the bad news. “No, you’re still working here with me.”

But beating a hawk still is pretty cool.