WATCH: Rodeo Clown Gets Sent Flying by Bull’s Brutal Headbutt in Wild Clip

by Shelby Scott

Not all people were born to fly. Although, a recent clip captured one rodeo clown doing just that in an effort to protect a dumped bull rider. Injuries and headbutts are not uncommon at your everyday rodeo.

However, this rodeo clown went soaring feet above the crowd following the animal’s impact. Check it out, and hold onto your hats.

The dramatic scene captures first the rider thrown from the animal’s back. He falls to the dirt where he lies perilously close to the bull’s crushing hooves. A rodeo hand then appears to jump in to distract the bull as the rider lies defenseless on the ground. He also gets mowed down.

Finally, the rodeo clown moves in, presumably in another attempt to keep the bull from hurting anyone too badly. For his efforts, he takes the brunt of all of it. The bull drops his head and throws the clown high over the fence rails, into the gathered crowd.

As a bull rider, an 8-second ride atop a bucking beast can make or break your career (and your wallet). We assume the same goes for the iconic rodeo clown. Further, we understand rodeo clowns provide necessary entertainment and occasionally keep our bull riders from suffering major harm. Regardless, the line between work and wellness draws a little too close here.

Bull Riding Poses Legitimate Danger to Participating Cowboys

Overall, scenes such as the above often serve as pretty captivating entertainment. Nevertheless, the threat posed to bull riders and other rodeo participants is very real. The constant bucking and falling from the animal no doubt poses lifelong problems to bull riders able to remain in the game. However, the chance at being trampled, thrown, and charged at are all major possibilities.

Most recently, PBR Bull Rider Amadeu Campos Silva (22) succumbed to injuries sustained during the Velocity Tour Event in Fresno, California. During the event, Silva was thrown and stomped on by a bull in the ring.

PBR’s CEO Sean Gleason shared on Sunday, August 29th that, “Silva passed away at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, Calif. where he had been transported following a severe accident during his bull ride,” at the day’s PBR Velocity Tour event.

According to the New York Post, among other outlets, the final beast Silva rode, “Classic Man,” did not get pulled from the circuit. “This was not an act of aggression,” stated PBR spokesman Andrew Giangola told USA Today. “The bull was bucking in his normal pattern.”

However, regardless of the reasoning behind Silva’s death, his passing as a promising young PBR professional bull rider came as a major shock to the sport’s community. The news outlet stated Silva died just three days before his 23rd birthday.