WATCH: Ronda Rousey Discovers Farm Activity That Helps Reduce Her Discomfort as Pregnancy Due Date Approaches

by Amy Myers

Ronda Rousey can’t wait to meet her new baby girl. In eight weeks, she and her husband, Travis Browne, will welcome the sweet new member of their family. And even though the soon-to-be mother is literally bursting with excitement, there are days during her third trimester that she’d rather just spend in bed.

Lucky for fans of Rousey, the wrestling champ and expecting mother has shared much of her pregnancy journey through Instagram, starting with the first surprise post on April 21, revealing that she was four months pregnant.

Now, with only two months left before her baby arrives, Ronda Rousey shared that not every day is all smiles, rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes, the pain is enough to even keep the Olympic bronze medal judo fighter down. And that’s saying something.

In her most recent Instagram post, she explained, “some days my core is so tight it’s hard not to just curl up in a crampy ball all day.”

Thankfully, though Ronda Rousey found a coping mechanism that not only benefits her but also the animals of the power couple’s ranch, Browsey Acres. Rousey recorded a timelapse video of herself “ADD weeding” one of the family’s pastures. She wore a long-sleeve pink T-shirt dress with a floppy sunhat and adorable tinted sunglasses. Throughout her movements, one of Rousey’s canine companions comes to help by munching on some of the grass.

Meet Ronda Rousey’s Other Baby: Browsey Acres

Not only did Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne combine their passions for their company but they also combined their names. Browsey Acres began in 2017 as a 2.4-acre farm in California. Now, four years later, the proud co-owners dedicated much of their lives to creating a sustainable and “emotionally responsible” way to purchase quality, wagyu meat.

Now, not only do the cattle live in a sustainable and ethical environment but so does the family. According to the official website of Browsey Acres, Ronda Rousey began her journey towards eco-friendly living with small changes. She even made eco-friendly bricks by stuffing empty water bottles full of non-compostable trash. With each new step, the family needed manufactured resources less and less. Now, they proudly boast that they live 80% off the grid.

They also take immense pride in the quality of care for their animals.

For Ronda Rousey, that means regarding the cattle like family. Their first steer, Kobe, was the hardest to harvest for the couple. Ever since he arrived on the ranch, Rousey and Browne loved their steer. Kobe would even nudge them to pet him and often played with the goats on the property. However, as the website reports, it was because Rousey and her husband reached that emotional connection with their steer that they felt they were “doing the right thing.”

“That’s why we love and respect him so much,” Ronda Rousey said at the time. “He’s literally dying to feed our kids. How can we not love this guy? That’s why I’d rather cry and feel bad instead of turning a blind eye and letting him suffer somewhere in a factory farm.”