WATCH: Rowdy Nebraska-Northwestern Crowd Gets Free Beer During Internet Outage

by Patrick Norton

With Northwestern and Nebraska partaking in the first college football game outside of North America since 1993, fans in attendance are receiving quite the treat. Thanks to internet connectivity issues at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland, concessions are handing out free booze.

Jake Sorenson, a radio host from Lincoln in attendance for the extravagant event, broke the news. Without the internet to power credit card transactions, fans are experiencing a dash of Irish hospitality.

With crowds from Ireland, Lincoln, Nebraska and the north shore of the Chicagoland suburbs converging on Dublin, nothing can go wrong. Certainly a stadium full of liquored-up American football fans won’t create a disturbance. Upon news breaking of the situation, lines quickly filled through the stadium’s concourse.

Lincoln Journal columnist Amie Just shared a clip of the raucous scene. With red, green and purple scattered throughout the stadium, the concourse is a colorful traffic jam. Built in 2010, the stadium hosts Republic of Ireland soccer and rugby. However, the college football clash is the first of its kind in the building’s confines.

While the game progresses and the season begins, let this serve as a reminder that football remains king, but alcohol rules the kingdom.

Nebraska-Northwestern Referees: Just as Drunk at The Crowd

While a great portion of the paying attendance drank the worth of the ticket in free drinks, the game on the gridiron is a crazy mess. It’s Big Ten action at its finest, but in Ireland instead of the Midwest. Nebraska kicked off the tempo of the game with a strong defensive presence and two properly competent drives on offense.

However, the second quarter brought a different feel and Northwestern brought a halftime lead into the locker room, 17-14. While college athletes don’t work on salary, ball security is job security. A costly turnover halted the Cornhuskers’ momentum, but the call itself is somewhat controversial.

Fumble or not, college football’s return means the return of college football officiating.