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Watch: Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano Appears to Vanish Into Thin Air

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Now you see him, now you don’t. Rutgers’ coach Greg Schiano pulled a mind-boggling disappearing act that’s puzzling viewers everywhere.

The Big Ten Network posted the clip on their Twitter account. And unless they pulled out some video editing magic, the clip seems to show Schiano slipping between two players in a huddle but not emerging on the other side.

See the vanishing act for yourself in the tweet below. One second, the Rutgers coach hypes up the team huddle with fierce gestures and loud words. Then, at the five-second mark, he turns to leave between two football players. One even parts the way for him. But when that player closes the circle again, we don’t see Schiano emerge on the other side.

The camera shows a slice of grass where Schiano should’ve shown up on camera. But he’s gone, with only white jerseys and a different coach in black surrounding the huddle.

So where did he go? Several fans responded to the Big Ten Network’s tweet with gifs talking about magic, warlocks, witches, and magicians. One fan even hilariously called out what he’s done for the Rutgers football team since becoming a coach.

“He’s made Rutgers football competitive. In both of his stints. Maybe he is a magician,” Twitter user Troy Appel commented on the post.

Several fans remained absolutely puzzled by it, unable to comprehend how Schiano was there one moment and gone the next.

“Seriously though where did he go?…this is a legit Houdini kind of move. he said I am out!” Twitter user Keaton Homer replied to the clip.

But one eagle-eyed fan managed to pick up where Schiano made his mysterious exit in a super-zoomed-in close-up.

Fan Points Out How Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano Disappeared on Screen

The key is to pay very close attention to the other coach in black who shows up at the five-second mark. In that split second, you see a flash of Schiano’s head shooting past and his black shirt blending in with the other coach’s shirt.

This Twitter user pointed it by zooming in very close and pointing to the Rutgers coach with a hand-drawn arrow. Now when you go back and rewatch the video, you can see Schiano’s head whipping past very quickly in the bottom right corner of the clip.

And the magic spell is broken. Other fans compared the Rutgers coach’s disappearing act to a similar one from Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio. Ironically, his vanishing act also happened on the Big Ten Network, but it was even more startling than Schiano’s.

Check it out in the tweet below. Several fans compared the two coaches’ astounding disappearances, with some calling Schiano a copycat. Either way, they both seem to make magic happen on-screen.