WATCH: Sad Cleveland Browns Fan in Clown Costume Becomes the Internet’s Newest Meme

by Nick Geddes
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Look, I get it. It’s Halloween, you wanna be bold and make a statement. No problem there — but when you’re a Cleveland Browns fan, it might be wise to play it safe.

Having never won a Super Bowl, sitting at 2-5 this season and rhyming with clowns, there might be some costumes you want to avoid. Like, well, a clown. That, however, didn’t stop one Browns fan, who has now gone viral for his outrageous fit. The fan chose to wear a “Cleveland Clowns” costume while in the building for the Browns’ Monday night matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals (4-3).

Upon further review, it would appear this is just how this Browns — or Clowns fan feels. This is simply a case of a fan who has seen lots of losing during his fandom, saw some hope in 2020 only for it to be short-lived. The Browns are back in the gutter, waiting for Deshaun Watson to pull them out.

You must admit, however, the Bud Light really does add to the getup.

Browns’ Myles Garrett Arrives to MNF in Insane ‘Stranger Things’ Vecna Halloween Costume

For as great — if you wanna say that — as that costume is, it pales in comparison to the one that defensive end Myles Garrett wore into the building Monday night. Garrett, a Halloween fanatic, dressed up as Vecna from the Netflix series “Stranger Things.”

It’s a fit of fandom for Garrett, though totally understandable given his love for the TV series. Garrett, who decorates his front lawn every Halloween, decided to go with a “Stranger Things” theme this year. It features a large Vecna in front of his house, looking over multiple skeletons of quarterbacks hanging from trees.

Equally creepy and impressive at the same time.