WATCH: San Diego Padres Fans Start Intense Brawl in Stands at MLB Game

by Amy Myers

Usually, when a fight breaks out at a game, it’s between fans of opposing teams. In this case, a few San Diego Padres fans decided that just because they’re on the same team, doesn’t mean they have to like each other. During Wednesday’s game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Petco Park, the brawling fans sat side by side before getting physical. Although the cause of the fight is unknown, it’s clear this wasn’t the result of a debate over the best batter on the team.

Surrounding San Diego Padres fans caught the scuffle on video and posted it to Twitter. Meanwhile, those in the seats around the fighting men continuously tried to keep them apart, including one woman, who bravely stood in the middle of the two brawling groups. From the start of the video, it appeared to be three men versus one. All four San Diego Padres fans threw a flurry of fists and kicks at each other, unconcerned with who they might hit around them.

Just when the combatants finally separated, the two main contenders lunged again, falling back onto the hard rows of seats behind them. Bystanders held their hands out to keep the approaching fan away from his target, but still, he continued to swing. Finally, the group of three left the stands yelling back at the other fighter.

“Yeah, that’s right, three on one,” another San Diego Padres fan called from the back of the stands.

It is still unknown if the police are investigating the incident. According to TMZ, the associated San Diego Padres fans left the park before officers arrived. As for the actual game, the Padres lost to the Dodgers after a long 16 innings, 5- 3.

San Diego Padres Fan Knocks out Colorado Rockies Fan

The fight on Wednesday wasn’t even the first headliner of the season. Back in May, during a game against the Colorado Rockies, another San Diego Padres fan decided that he had to take matters into his own hands. In the near-empty stands, the fan walked over from a different section up to the man and knocked him out with a single punch. Immediately, Rockies fans pounced on the man, and a huge brawl ensued.

The park’s camera crews caught the fight on film, though we never see the end result. Likely, just like the most recent fight between Wednesday’s fans, the conflict probably simmered down on its own and the fans parted before authorities could get involved.

According to The Fumble, despite the knockout, the Rockies fan decided not to press charges against his combatant. Viewers in the comments of the video wondered if this meant that the Rockies fan knew he deserved the hit. Others speculated that there might be a rematch the next time the two teams face each other.