WATCH: Scott Van Pelt’s Puppy Relieves Himself on the Floor During a Podcast Video

by Nick Geddes

Longtime ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor Scott Van Pelt recently introduced the world to his new puppy, Redd.

Redd, along with Van Pelt, made an appearance on Kevin Clark’s “Slow News Day” podcast. Redd wasn’t a scheduled participant in the podcast, but ended up being the main takeaway. As Van Pelt was in the middle of talking about his new puppy, Redd decided to make his presence known by taking a s— on camera.

“He just got here. You fall in love instantly,” Van Pelt said. “That’s how it happens. That’s where we are, just surrendering our hearts to this little guy.”

Redd, flattered by Van Pelt’s kind words, used his office as a bathroom, as you can see in the video below.

“Redd’s taking a s—,” Van Pelt said as Clark was asking him about Ryen Russillo. “My dog just took a giant dump, right behind us, as we were talking about Russillo.”

If there was ever an appropriate time for a take-five, this was it — for a cleanup on aisle five.

Scott Van Pelt Welcomes New Puppy to the Family

Redd is new to the Van Pelt household and has big shoes to fill.

“New guy. Goes by Redd,” Van Pelt tweeted. “As in [Otis] Redding and Reading, Pa. where he’s from. This picture got me. Big paws to fill. Whatever he is will be plenty.”

Van Pelt’s dog, Otis, passed away in April.

“Crushed to share that we had to say goodbye to Otis The Dog,” Van Pelt wrote on Twitter at the time of his passing. “Truly the most special friendship and bond of my entire lifetime. He was an absolute King. Love on your good boys and good girls with all your might – every day that you can. There aren’t ever enough of them.”