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WATCH: Shannon Sharpe Accidentally Drops F-Bomb on ‘Undisputed’

by Jonathan Howard
Shannon Sharpe talks with SiriusXM Radio
(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

When Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless get going, they can get pretty tense. Sharpe let out a big F-bomb on the show today. While talking about the new-look Los Angeles Clippers, the two debated if they were capable of winning the West in the NBA Playoffs.

Undisputed was a little more off the rails than usual this morning. Things just get hectic this time of the year. NBA is gearing up for the playoffs, March Madness is here, the NFL offseason is kind of bonkers at the moment.

If you’re going to do a live TV show, you have to have that dump button ready to go! Shannon Sharpe was a little too loose with his language and let a little F-bomb out. No harm, no foul, but I’m sure his bosses at Fox won’t be too happy.

“If I’m making fried chicken and somebody says, ‘I got some chocolate for you,’ well, yeah, I like chocolate, but what the f, I…ooh, sorry!” Sharpe stopped quickly. “You got me up here cursing, Skip! Why would I need chocolate to go with fried chicken!”

In case the conversation was confusing to you in this clip, let me break it down. Fried chicken and chocolate are both great individually. That’s what Shannon says the Clippers were before getting Westbrook. Now, it’s like chocolate on fried chicken — it’s just not necessary. He just got a little too into the argument for a second.

Honestly, this whole conversation feels like something that an AI chatbot came up with and then they made Skip and Shannon act it out. If you wrote a satire of Undisputed it would probably end in a similar fashion.

Shannon Sharpe Dealing With Brett Favre Lawsuit

As for things going on outside of the talk show, Shannon Sharpe has some legal issues he’s dealing with. Brett Favre served Sharpe and podcast host Pat McAfee with lawsuits. His attorney has been going on a strange media tour to talk about it, too.

Speaking on a podcast, Eric Herschmann, attorney for the former NFL quarterback, was gleeful. He talked about how Shannon wasn’t talking about the story as much anymore. Then, noted that he thought McAfee was digging himself into a hole.

I’m sure that Fox Sports is just doing what corporations do when things like this pop-up, stay quiet until it goes away. The allegations of the lawsuits are strange to anyone who has followed the welfare fund story. However, Favre’s attorney thinks this is a “slam dunk.”

Of course, the allegations against Favre haven’t been proven in a court of law. There has been a lot said in the court of public opinion, though.

We’ll see how long Shannon Sharpe has to stay quiet on this issue. He might have some F-bombs saved up for that day on Undisputed.