WATCH: Shell-Shocked FSU Cheerleaders Have the Perfect Reaction for When Your Team Loses an Upset

by Leanne Stahulak

College football fans have witnessed some pretty unbelievable moments. And they’ve expressed their disbelief more than once. But this reaction from FSU cheerleaders during the Florida State vs. Jacksonville State game might just take the cake.

Saturday, the two teams battled it out at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Florida. FSU came off a hard loss last weekend to Notre Dame, one of the top teams in the nation. Jacksonville, which belongs to the FCS division, was prepped to face fierce competition from the ACC Atlantic conference school.

But Jacksonville pulled off one of the best upsets we’ve seen so far this season (and it’s only week two!). Those FSU cheerleaders really summed up the shock and disbelief everyone felt when Jacksonville scored in the last five seconds of the game.

See the play for yourself in the tweet below. CBS Sports shared the incredible 59-yard-Hail-Mary throw from Jacksonville. Damond Philyaw-Johnson snatched it out of the air, right in front of a Florida State defensive lineman. He then cut back against the lineman and sprinted over the endzone.

Right around the 18-second mark, you’ll catch a glimpse of the FSU cheerleaders. Behind them, Jacksonville celebrates their 20-17 victory over Florida State.

Sportscaster Scott Van Pelt shared a close-up GIF of the FSU cheerleaders with his two million followers. The video quickly made the rounds, Barstool Sports soon calling it “pure art” and a “masterpiece.”

The look on the cheerleader’s face to the right is priceless. Absolutely priceless. He keeps his mouth in that same disbelieving O for a solid eight to ten seconds. And he can’t be the only one feeling utterly shocked that Florida State just lost to Jacksonville State.

Fans Flood Social Media With Reactions to the FSU Cheerleaders GIF

Of course, as soon as the GIF of the FSU cheerleaders started making the rounds, fans had to weigh in. Several people responded directly to Scott Van Pelt’s tweet, and we’ve found some of the best ones.

If you look closely at the pic from a Twitter user named David below, you’ll see what made the image even funnier to him. “That moment when the word OUCH is right below them is my new favorite thing.”

Other fans pointed out how the female cheerleader laughing at the end when she sees her friend’s face just makes it even funnier.

“You can just tell that dude is fun as hell to hang out with. The girl starts cracking up when she sees how dramatic he’s being,” Twitter user Dan Rowten commented.

Florida State fans also chimed in with how their reactions matched up to the cheerleaders’.

“I noticed those OMG faces right away! I’m pretty sure I was doing the same thing! Make just one tackle FSU!” Darisse Smith said.

We’ll see if Florida State turns around their performance next week for their match-up against Wake Forest.