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WATCH: SNF Tries to Film Matthew Stafford’s Wife Kelly, Cameraman Completely Whiffs with Wrong Person

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Sunday Night Football still is in preseason form. Otherwise, how do you explain cameras showing Matthew Stafford’s wife, only to figure out, that’s not his spouse.

Matthew Stafford is the new starter for the Los Angeles Rams. And he quickly got on the good side of every Rams fan when he threw a 67-yard touchdown pass to Van Jefferson. A nimble Stafford faked a handoff on the rollout and threw for Jefferson. It tied for the longest pass he ever had on a season-opening drive. Matthew Stafford hit Calvin Johnson on his opening drive in 2014. That was back when he played for the Detroit Lions.

So those operating the sideline cameras would want to find friends and family of Matthew Stafford cheering for him at the game.

Awful Announcing tweeted the clip. “This,” the tweet said, “was not Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly.”

Fortunately, NBC acknowledged their mistake. No, that wasn’t Kelly Stafford. Matthew Stafford’s wife appeared to be in a suite.

NBC’s Al Michaels said during the broadcast: “Kelly Stafford is in the yellow. There she is, with the 9 on it. You know, we go in warp speed here. When Matthew looks at the tape, he’ll say that’s not my wife. We had someone else on, beforehand. Close. Yeah.”

Matthew Stafford loved his Sunday. He opened up the second half with a 56-yard touchdown heave to Cooper Kupp. It was the first time in his career Stafford had at more than one touchdown pass of 40 yards or more in a single game. We’re sure Kelly loved it.

Matthew Stafford Met Kelly When Both Attended Georgia

The two have been together since both attended Georgia. A Texan, Matthew Stafford was the star quarterback for the Bulldogs. Kelly was a cheerleader. The Detroit Lions selected Stafford with the first pick of the 2009 draft. The two married in 2015 and they now have four beautiful daughters.

But back in 2019, Kelly received some devastating medical news. She and Matthew were in California when Kelly was having dizzy spells. She went to the emergency room and doctors believed she was suffering from vertigo.

“You know how they tell you to get up slowly, because you could be lightheaded and I’ve had that before,” Kelly Stafford told a Detroit TV station. “When I got up, it was a completely different feeling. And the room just started spinning on me. I grabbed the bed a little bit and I sat down and I called the lady back in and asked will you bring me some water? Got some water, stood up, happened all over again.”

Matthew Stafford was with his wife as they waited to see the neurosurgeon. He told them Kelly had an acoustic neuroma, a slow-growing brain tumor

“I remember sitting down, with (Matthew Stafford) in the waiting room and just losing it,” Kelly Stafford said. “Just thinking about our girls and the unknown. But I also remember looking around in that waiting room, at all the other people sitting there waiting to get looked at.”

The couple flew back to Detroit for Kelly’s brain surgery. She got through a 12-hour operation performed at University of Michigan Hospital.

Matthew Stafford signed with the Rams in the offseason earlier this year. And the couple moved their girls to the West Coast.