WATCH: Snoop Dogg Hits Hilariously Terrible Top-Rope Splash During ‘AEW Dynamite’

by Joe Rutland

Wait a second. Snoop Dogg as a professional wrestler? Well, the rapper’s in-ring dreams got a boost on Wednesday night’s “AEW Dynamite.”

Snoop Dogg was on the pro wrestling show as a commentator along with veteran voices Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone. But there was a moment during a match involving Cody Rhodes where he found himself climbing to the top rope.

A “Snoop Splash” was being cooked up. Dogg climbed to the top turnbuckle, awkwardly attempted to balance himself, then launched and landed on Serpentico. Let’s just say the “Snoop Splash” wasn’t going to win him any awards but it was entertaining.

Rhodes, who took on the referee’s role in this case, pounded out the ol’ 1-2-3 and made sure Dogg got the credit for the win.

Rhodes is the son of legendary pro wrestler Dusty Rhodes and was one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling. His brother, Dustin Rhodes, also is part of the AEW wrestling lineup.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Snoop Dogg providing a rather, um, interesting moment in pro wrestling history.

“AEW Dynamite” held its “New Year’s Bash” show on Wednesday night on TNT.

His appearance was a highlight as Rhodes’ new entrance music has a touch of the “Snoop Doggy Dogg” sound with it.

Snoop Dogg Has Wrestling Connection With WWE, Cousin

This is not the first foray into pro wrestling for Snoop Dogg. He’s been involved with the WWE in the past, earning him a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

It’s even more of a family connection for him as Dogg’s cousin, Sasha Banks, is one of the company’s biggest stars. Right now, Banks is the “SmackDown” women’s heavyweight champion.

After seeing Snoop’s in-ring work, Banks went to Twitter and simply said after a few laughter emojis, “fam! We’re gonna have to work on this.” Banks uses her real name, Mercedes Varnado, on her Twitter account.

She even threw a little more shade at Snoop Dogg on Thursday. Banks tweeted out a super-imposed image of an airborne Dogg getting ready to land on WWE pro wrestler Charlotte Flair, who has opponent Becky Lunch in a figure-four leg lock.

Recently, Snoop Dogg also provided commentary on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. exhibition match card. His mic work received mixed reviews from those watching the event.

Whether he comes back for a return visit to “AEW Dynamite” or shows up on WWE television again remains to be seen.

It wouldn’t hurt, though, for the rap legend to take a few tips from cousin Sasha about that top-rope “Snoop Splash” move.

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H/T: Sportskeeda