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WATCH: Pro Soccer Team Celebrates, Tosses Referee in Air After Winning Trophy

by Emily Morgan
(GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Like a scene out of The Lion King, members of the Al-Kuwait soccer team celebrated their win against their rivals by kissing, hugging, and throwing the referee into the air. 


On Tuesday, Al-Kuwait marked their ninth win of the Crown Prince Cup final at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium. 

Besides the win, the team received attention following the less-than-normal victory celebration after ESPN FC posted a clip online. 

In the clip, you can see team members in a private box, celebrating the triumph by hoisting up the referee. In addition, team members handed out hugs to everyone in the private box.

The highly unusual event didn’t go unnoticed as an onlooker filmed the celebration before an individual pulled the blinds down to keep more footage from being captured.

Rugby Team Celebrates Win with Referee Lift

This isn’t the first time someone has caught this kind of particular celebration on camera. A rugby player danced around and lifted an official high in the air out of sheer excitement.

Beziers, a rugby team, based in France, welcomed their rivals, Nevers, for their second-tier match. As the game neared its final moments, Nevers lead with a 30-25 score. 

While Nevers held on, their players decided to call the game early, and Josaia Raisuqe could not contain his excitement. 

As a result, the French player picked the referee up and lifted him above his head and into the air.

Unfortunately, referee Laurent Millotte did not share the same level of excitement and quickly penalized him with a red card. 

Given Raisuqe’s good intentions, the penalty was somewhat harsh, given it ended his night on a sour note despite the win. 

It’s evident Millotte did not appreciate the abnormal gesture— clearly making a sports faux pas. Players cannot touch the referee since rugby is a sport that prides itself on the respect between players and officials.