WATCH: Soldier Returns Home and Surprises Family at Chicago White Sox Game in Emotional Moment

by Matthew Memrick

On Wednesday, a U.S. soldier return to his family made for an emotional moment during a Chicago White Sox baseball game.

During the third inning at Guaranteed Rate Field, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Daniel LaCosse stealthily got behind them.

The staged moment to honor all military members, but LaCosse’s family took the stage on a clear, 72-degree night. The attendance was 19.231.

LaCosse kissed his young daughter, Alyssa, with his family on the jumbotron. Fans loved the moment as his shocked son, Gavin, embraced his dad seconds later. 

Mom Aubrey may have been surprised the most. She had to hold her chest as her mouth hung open in shock. Their daughter, Alyssa, was also there for the moment.

The West Lafayette, Ind.-soldier had just finished a 10-month assignment in Kuwait.

LaCosse’s 18-year Army career comes with lots of awards and decorations. He proudly wears a Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Overseas Service Ribbon.

The Chicago White Sox went on to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, 6-3.

Soldier’s Surprise For Another Game

Recently, another U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Michael Miller returned to his family during a baseball game.

The Lousiville (Ky.) Bats hosted the surprise reunion on July 21 with the soldier and his family, and the Courier-Journal recounted the event.

This time, Miller’s kids and others threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game. Unbeknownst to them, their father dressed up as a catcher. After they threw the balls, Miller took off his catcher’s helmet, and the public address announcer called out the soldier’s name.

Miller family members ran to the soldier, and a long-group hug ensued at the Bats’ stadium, Slugger Field. Fans cheered on and ate up the emotional celebration.

The team said Miller had been on deployments since 2017.

Another Service Member Rejoins Her Family

In July, one Tampa Bay-area family went to another pro baseball game thinking that one of their moms was thousands of miles away.

Melissa Franco-Rodriguez was supposed to be in South Asia at her Air Force job. She hadn’t seen her daughters in almost eight months.

This game, however, was memorable for daughters Serenity (10), Nisabela (13), and Yarelis (17). They had never been to a baseball game before and didn’t know what to expect.

Melissa used her military skills that night. She snuck up on the girls, hiding behind the Rays’ mascot. When she got close, Yarelis saw Melissa first, and soon all the girls with mom, Carla, were hugging their missed soldier/mom. 

“I felt emotional just because it was so long since I held her, kissed her, loved on her … I’m not a crier, and I was crying cause (I was) so excited,” Carla told the Tampa Bay Times.

“When I saw them on the big screen, I lost it,” Melissa said.

Melissa is a technical sergeant, just finishing her fourth deployment in 12 years. Her wife, Carla, also served in the Army for four years. The two have been married for eight years.