WATCH: Sparks Go Flying in Brutal Multi-Car Collision at NASCAR Truck Series Race in Charlotte

by Madison Miller

Sparks were flying in NASCAR Friday, but not the good kind.

A multi-car collision occurred during the Friday night Camping World Truck Series race in Charlotte.

NASCAR Truck Series Crash

Johnny Sauter and Trey Hutchens III were behind the wheels of the trucks that collided yesterday. Hutchens was in trouble and far behind after he happened to cut a tire late in the race.

He was driving slowly along the wall when Sauter accidentally rammed into the back of his truck. The result was a horrifying mix of sparks, spinning cars, and smoke. Fans of NASCAR have been exposed to many tragic endings to these kinds of accidents in the past. Any kind of crash always makes your heart pound.

According to NBC Sports, officials were focused on Matt Crafton before the accident happened. His car was smoking as it was speeding down the pit road. The officials wanted to make sure no oil got on the track, which could potentially lead to more accidents. Once Sauter and Hutchens collided, officials threw the caution.

In a Twitter video, Johnny Sauter discusses the scary crash. “From what I understand, (Hutchens) was basically sitting on the race track. I’m not the only one that didn’t see him, I guess. I had just pitted, and I think there were four trucks in front of me, excluding (Hutchens) and two of them were coming to pit road, so I just worked my way to the top there. As we were coming off (Turn 4), there was a truck sitting there, I guess.”

Luckily, everyone involved is okay. All the drivers were able to immediately leave their trucks on their own.

One tire flew off Sauter’s truck and hit the windshield and roof on John Hunter Nemechek’s truck. Despite the literal roadblock, Nemechek was actually the winner of the race on Friday.

Chase Elliott New Spotter

Meanwhile, in the NASCAR Cup Series, Chase Elliott was in need of a new spotter for his team.

News broke recently that his former spotter was arrested and charged with the battery of an unborn child and assault on a female. His spotter, Eddie D’Hondt, has been permanently suspended by his employer, Hendrick Motorsports.

Hendrick Motorsports had issued a statement regarding his indefinite suspension. Before that, the team was unaware of the situation and D’Hondt had still been the spotter at two recent Cup Series races.

Now, Elliott has a new spotter. His cousin, Trey Poole, is now serving as the spotter for Chase Elliott. Elliott has said that it was an easy pick. He may not be the permanent spotter, but he is the perfect selection for now.

“He knows me as well as anybody. I know him as well as anybody knows him. He’s been to enough races, and he knows how this works and knows what’s important and what’s not. He’s fit in with our team … Trey does have other jobs and other things going on. I hope we can keep him until we figure out what’s going on down the road. I don’t see why we wouldn’t do anything different at this point,” Elliott said, according to NBC Sports on Friday.