WATCH: Steelers Legend Troy Polamalu Tears Up Talking HOF Speech Prep

by Quentin Blount

This one goes out to all of you die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fans out there. Nothing will bring a smile to your face like listening to Troy Polamalu talk about prepping his Pro Football Hall of Fame Speech.

There is no question that Polamalu is considered to be one of the best Steelers players to ever lace ’em up. The former all-pro safety played for the black and yellow for 12 seasons, winning two Super Bowls during his time there. And on Sunday, the man himself was back at Heinz Field for alumni weekend. It was the first time he’s been back since he retired in 2015.

Naturally, Polamalu met with the media and talked about his recent Hall of Fame induction and how he prepared to give his speech. He has to frequently pause to wipe tears from his eyes with a towel. And he doesn’t just use any towel, he has got one of the yellow “Terrible Towels” that the Steelers are famous for.

“I’ve had such great feedback about the speech,” Polamalu says. “But I can never claim it as my own because my wife and I did this together. What I realized is that I can only get so far. But with my wife and I together that makes everything, brings everything to fruition. So, I can never claim something as that as my own because my wife was such a big part of this speech. I appreciate all of the great feedback from that, but again, it’s because of my wife. And that’s the truth.”

Teresa Varley, a team writer for, posted a clip of the footage for fans to see on social media.

“This. Just this. @tpolamalu taking about preparing his HOF speech. Amazing.”

Troy Polamalu is Beloved by Steelers’ Fans

There is no doubt that Troy Polamalu is not only one of the best players to ever play football, but also one of the most unique. He is now one of just three players of Polynesian descent to ever be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Fans have always loved No. 43, and they did so once again on Sunday evening after listening to his press conference.

One fan responded to the Steelers writer saying that “it must have been great having Troy around” the building again. And we would have to agree, it probably was great. There might not be a nicer or more humble man to have ever played the sport. Polamalu is the epitome of insightful, emotional, and wise.

“That towel will be auctioned off at the next Steelers game. Starting bid: $43 million,” another person fan joked.

Other people on social media left comments like, “What a sweetheart he is,” and “All class.”