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WATCH: Steelers TJ Watt Signs Autographs Ahead of Monday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

Tonight will be just the third game that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker TJ Watt has played since his injury, and he’s out happily signing autographs in pregame. It really looks like Watt is back and ready to take on the rest of the NFL. He is such an electric athlete on the defensive side of the ball, Pittsburgh is thrilled to have him back.

TJ Watt is a very important piece of this team’s success. It is no wonder why they struggled so much without him. At this point in the season, it is unlikely that this team is going to make a playoff run or anything like that. Still, it is nice to have all of their stars healthy and ready to go.

Watt took time to get out there with fans and sign a few autographs. You know, things you do when you’re a massive star like him.

So many Terrible Towels, so little time. These eager fans were clamoring to get Watt’s attention and hoping to get him to sign anything that they could find. If you look you will see that one young girl was trying to take off her Watt jersey to get his signature.

In fact, it looks like it is a large group of young girls and women just dying to get a quick autograph from their favorite Steeler.

TJ Watt Went Off Last Week

In the Pittsburgh Steelers last game, TJ Watt had a performance to remember. The linebacker doesn’t always put up flashy plays and numbers. Sometimes he just does what needs to be done and does so at a high level. While Pittsburgh didn’t beat the Cincinnati Bengals, it was a strong effort.

This game would not have been just a one-touchdown difference if it weren’t for Watt and his play. While he was solid all day against the Bengals, he had one interception that blew the minds of everyone watching.

Rarely do you see a defensive player in the front half of the formation snag a pass the way TJ Watt snagged that pass last week. The entire play was superhuman and there isn’t another player in the NFL that could do it better than the Steelers star.